Friday, October 17, 2014

The night

      I don’t recall if we went back in the church, but at some point, I reclaimed my cane. Then the groomsmen, bridesmaids, bride, and mother of the bride got on the trolley, even though it looked more like a bus to me. At some point, the other groomsmen left the trolley to clear our stuff out of the room at the Monaco. I would’ve gotten off to get my stuff, but my wingman, otherwise known as the best man, told me he would do it. So I stayed on, while the others made the trip from Monaco to the Omni, Wyndham and back.
       After everyone got back on the trolley, it drove to a park, whose name I forget, and we got off for some pictures. Surprisingly none of the other groomsmen, not even the groom, broke the camera with their ugly mug. I’m so photogenic, I would never break the camera, pats self on back.
At one point, all the bridesmaids gave their flowers to Adam, who’s 6’6” and has a long reach, to hold, and at one point he was giving floral bunny ears to Mark. For the picture though, Adam was relieved of all his floral decorations, and then the photography began. They took plenty of pictures of everyone standing with the bride or groom and they even took some of the groomsmen exposing their polkadot socks. I hope they got some good pictures because without holding onto something, I can’t stand on one leg for very long.
       After the pictures, we got back on the trolley, and headed to Front and Palmer for more food, which of course is the real reason I came to the wedding. After ascending to the second floor, we waited in a curtained off area before the main room until we got ourselves into formation. We walked through the curtain into the room in the same formation as leaving the wedding. All the walking relatively straight I’ve done, I used up that ability for 20 years. I sat at a table with my parents, three of my cousins, my aunt from California, and my cousin Bryan’s girlfriend Jen.

        Throughout the meal, also served tapas style, Mark and Jess were toasted. After the fourth or fifth item, the DJ started playing, and people went onto the dance floor. Matt came over to ask if I wanted on the floor because the entire bridal party was out there. I said no, and after politely asking if I was sure, he went back out. I don’t like walking around in a strange environment with loud music playing, and I’m sure it’s because I rely on my hearing so much. I know I would’ve been all right with my wingman there and everyone else, but I can’t dance either.

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