Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Ceremony

At various points throughout the day I think five different people tried to fold the pocket square so it would fit properly in my too small pocket. We judged ourselves ready, and then took everything, including the weaponized champagne, downstairs to the limo. We may have used the stairs, since I don’t think anyone had a card to access the elevator. However, I did fine with them if we used them, and everyone waited to be of assistance if necessary.
      I believe my parents were there and I’m not sure who else. Other than rock ‘n roller coaster, this was my first limo ride, but unfortunately this one didn’t go to Disney Hollywood Studios. We headed to the church, and our rendezvous with history, well Mark’s wedding.
After performing our duties at the entrance, we took our seats, and I decided to keep my cane for the moment. After a little while, the groomsmen and bridesmaids got up from their seats, and went to stand on the dais. Even though Matt went first, the other groomsmen made sure I knew when to walk, since I couldn’t exactly see across the aisle. At this point, Abby, Meredith, and myself didn’t link arms yet, but that would come. Well, most of them witnessed Jess and Mark’s marriage vows, and I heard them. With that done, we accomplished one of our goals, and went back to our seats after some pictures.
      When we neared the end of the ceremony, I handed my cane to my father, and then after Matt left escorting the maid of honor, it was my turn. Theoretically, I was escorting them, but like my mother said, the main duty fell to them. First, they can actually see where they were going, second, I think my grandfather took the day off from his stroll around the cosmos to lend a hand, while my only job centered on not tripping. We didn’t rehearse this either, but we went outside, and descended the stairs. Even though I had neither my cane nor my visor it still worked out.
     I give all the credit in the world to them for matching their pace to mine, since I could neither see much of where I was going, nor walk straight regardless. I think grandpa might’ve had something to contribute because sometimes I lose my balance for absolutely no reason. It might on occasion be because I got up too fast, too slow, walking too fast or too slow, etc. Finally, perhaps it might have had a minuscule amount to do with me.

     Even if I could manage my cane with both arms held, I think it far better I didn’t have it, especially since we went outside. It would’ve glided just fine down the smooth church floor, but it would’ve caught somewhere, on the lip going from the building to the outside, or walking down the stairs.

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