Thursday, October 23, 2014

The end… Almost

      Even though I can’t see, I’m very glad I have enough useful vision for a good view of this next part because it was hilarious. At this point everyone had abandoned the dance floor and I’m not sure who got the idea first, but Adam and Matt raided the photo booth for props. I believe Adam took a Star Wars storm trooper mask, and Matt took a Batman mask. I could have them backwards, but what matters is I tell you what they looked like. I obviously couldn’t see the masks, but I saw the ensuing hijinks. I think Adam started doing some crazy dance first, and then Matt walked out, at which point they began a crazy person’s dance off.
       I can’t really describe it, because I’m only good at making those up. Anyway, take it from me it was hilarious, and I hope someone has video of it. During their performance, no one else went on the dance floor, and they got a round of applause when they finished. After that, people trickled back onto the floor, so I guess those two accomplished their mission. Later on Facebook I saw Matt’s status and the timestamp seemed to be about right, it read an unattended photo booth and a dance floor in need of some action, hmm…
       I saw several people checking smart phones, and probably more I couldn’t see. Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I think the world can fall apart perfectly well without a status update. I understand some people need to check their phones for work, but the world will survive without knowing the composition of what you had for dinner.
       As I said, people commenced trickling back onto the dance floor, and I guess others went to the Photo Booth. Eventually, Bryan’s girlfriend Jen came back and dragged us all, my two other cousins, my aunt and myself to the Photo Booth and I donned a Thor mask because I’m just that awesome. When we brought the picture back, my mother thought it was hysterical because I had such a serious expression on. Jen told me not to smile, and that’s precisely what I did.
At some point, they cut the cake, and did whatever ritual surrounds it. Some people got up to get a closer view, but I have two problems, I’m short, and I wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway. The cake was quite good, so I hope Mark and Jess store the leftovers well. Otherwise, I might have to hurt them for abuse of chocolate.

      The night wore on, and then the last of us went downstairs to catch the shuttle Endeavor back to our hotels. On the shuttle, it was decided we’d go back to our separate hotels instead of carrying a smaller party somewhere else. So we all dispersed to our separate locations, and Grandpa resumed his survey of the cosmos.

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