Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Big Day

       While waiting for the PSU fans, I listened to some of Crown of Vengeance by Mercedes Lackey on my ipod shuffle. Now why the Ipod shuffle is smaller than the ipod nano, I have absolutely no idea. When my father came back, he brought me a chocolate muffin, and I always bring a 40 more or less of water on long trips. I ate that, and then we walked the short distance to the Monaco, my father carrying my tuxedo. Mark gave all the groomsmen a giftbag at the rehearsal dinner containing a gray pocket square, cufflinks, and polkadot socks.
      Since you needed a card to use the elevator at the Monaco, Mark met us when we arrived, and he took us up to the room. I believe I forgot my shoes, so my father went back for them. When we got to the room, the TV wasn’t on, which surprised me. No one else had arrived yet, so I had the room to myself, well except for Mark. He was walking from room to room, doing a lot of unseen things, which I wouldn’t have been able to see regardless.
      Then the photographer arrived and discussed with Mark various ways he should be photographed. For some reason, my baby brother wouldn’t accept my offer to be the photographer. I must say, the bathroom was a little challenging because one of the walls was a full-length mirror. I don’t think I folded up my cane yet, so it told me that yes there was a wall in front of me, not another side to the bathroom. Even when I knew the other side of the bathroom was only an illusion, it still looked real to me.
       Soon the others arrived, and the TV went on to the Penn State game. At some point Abby, Jess’s sister, and I couldn’t see who else arrived with some food, and of course various versions of alcohol, none of which was a chocolate martini sadly. Mark gave me a little bottle of water, and an Italian sandwich, essentially an Italian hoagie on a sandwich bun. Luckily for me, I don’t drink champagne because Mark almost took himself out opening that bottle. I guess he cut the wire holding a whole bottle closed, and then loosened the cork, which proceeded to rocket to the ceiling. Mark said he felt the wind of its passage, so he avoided a broken nose by inches.

       After the excitement, everyone started getting dressed, and I got everything on properly, even buttoning the shirt buttons correctly on the first try. By this point, I think Mark had disappeared to have more mugshots taken, so Matt put the bowtie on. He didn’t even try to strangle me with it, now Mark definitely would’ve tried if he were the one doing it. Even though Matt was Mark’s best man, he also performed as basically my wingman. Even if I knew what to do, I would’ve probably stuck myself, so Matt also put the cufflinks on.

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