Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blue, White and Green

Anyway, since she’s practically my sister now, she will get some of Mark’s grief henceforth. She won’t get nearly as much as Mark, but I’m honor bound to give her some. Anyway, I stood up and told her that I really came for the food, not to see(so to speak) her and Mark. I think she just laughed and said she understood, but I can’t exactly remember now. It must have something to do with the chocolate martini.
      I made Matt’s(the best man) night when I drank a whole chocolate martini. By this point, I think it became a mission to find some alcoholic beverage I would drink, since nothing at the bachelor party served. I don’t remember if we were leaving or I went out to the bar with Matt, but he tried one last drink, the chocolate martini. I didn’t like the chocolate whiskey on the vino tour, but I figure I’d humor everyone. The martini was pretty good, though Mark said later that you’re supposed to sip it, not drink it like soda. See, that’s how little I know about drinking, and sometimes I called it a chocolate margarita.
      My mother says that would be disgusting, but I don’t know why. By the end of the weekend everybody probably knew Mark’s brother Joe who never took more than one sip of any alcoholic drink, finished a chocolate martini. We joked that maybe I should down a couple stiff ones before the wedding, since it might help me walk straight. After all, everyone else walks crooked after downing one too many, and since I walk crooked anyway, I might walk straight after downing one too many. Anyway, after the excitement, those of us staying there staggered back to the Omni, and congregated in the bar area for a little while.
       When we eventually went back to our room, the sofa bed was made up for me, and we got ready for the following day, which proved very eventful. There was a view of the Battleship New Jersey out our window, but unfortunately I couldn’t see it. Maybe I should have imbibed a few more chocolate martinis. Eventually, I fell asleep, and woke up ready for the wedding.
     Jess had the gall to schedule the wedding on opening weekend of the Penn State football season, so needless to say most of the Penn State alumni gathered at an undisclosed location to watch as much of the game as they could. I was awake by the time my parents left so I get dressed in street clothes for one block walk to the Monaco later in the morning.

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