Thursday, April 4, 2013


            Today, April 3, 2013, I published my short story on Right now, it’s only available from the site, but once approved for their premium catalog, it should be available in all major e-book stores, such as the iBookstore. If you choose to buy it, I hope you review it because good or bad, every review helps improve the author. Now I’ll move on to the other things I’ve been doing, but before I do, here’s the web address


          On March 23, my parents and I drove to DC to visit Mark, obviously I was the driver. We checked into our hotel, picked Mark up at his building, since he doesn’t have a chauffeured limousine yet, and went to the Jefferson Memorial. We walked around inside for a little while, and my parents and Mark read the quotes on the walls.


          Then we walked back to Mark’s apartment, and ate some pizza we brought because he’s deprived in Washington DC. We got to take a trip on the Metro sometime Saturday, which I always find fascinating. I think it has to do with the Metro being a train that runs underground, and it also means more places I can go that don’t require driving.


          Sunday, the lazy lump cooked breakfast for us, might as well get some use out of him. Then we went for a Mark tour of the Supreme Court, but I have to say one thing before I forget. In Washington DC, there are a lot of fences, and they interweave light and dark almost instantaneously. I know there must be a reason for those kinds of fences, but the almost instantaneous light to shadow switching is very annoying.


          We walked around the building, saw some offices, and saw some exhibits, such as the functioning of the court during the Civil War. We also saw the basketball court, which looks just like every other basketball court I haven’t seen.


          For dinner we went to a restaurant called Matchbox, and I had one of their specialty pizzas for dinner. The food was tasty, but the noise level was a little high. Then we went back to the hotel, and went to sleep.


          Next day we got up, and had to dress in nice clothes for a meeting Mark arranged with Justice Kennedy, his boss. The Justice was a very pleasant person, I didn’t see him leaping tall buildings, or bench pressing a heavy wooden desk. We then sat in the audience area to hear oral arguments, and I have to say as a nonlawyer, they weren’t the most fascinating things I’ve ever heard.


          After that, we then had a bite to eat in the commissary, and went on our way. Once again, I drove, and we all arrived back in Scranton safe and sound. I listened to my iPod on the way home as on the way there. For those of you who know what one is, it’s much easier than listening to a Walkman, since you don’t have to worry about balancing machine and cases while you change CDs. Well, more next time.

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