Sunday, April 7, 2013

Food for Thought

        On Tuesday, the day after we got back from Washington, DC, my mother got Max, our dog, and I ended up not going to the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania for the rest of the week. Max had barked himself into a stupor; very lethargic, even for him and gagging a lot. The first two days he didn’t even eat all his food at one time, which was very unusual. He eventually got better, but if we go for longer than three days, we’ll have to do something.

I also was waiting for my cover design to come back for Flying Blind, available at, Kobo, and the Apple iBookstore for now. I didn't draw the cover myself because there would have been two problems with that. I’m blind, and I can’t draw. Even if I weren’t blind, I don’t think I could draw because I can visualize pictures just fine in my mind, that wouldn’t come out on paper. In the meantime, I made some final revisions to the short story, and then my cover came back from

I read the smashwords style guide to make sure I’d formatted everything properly, and wonder of wonders I had. On April 3, when I uploaded Flying Blind to the smashwords website, it entered the standard catalog, which makes it available on their website. What I read said it could take from two days to two weeks to achieve premium status, so I was prepared to impatiently wait, but the next day, April 4, I had my premium status. This means that smashwords distributes your book to Sony, Barnes & Noble, the Amazon Kindle, the iBookstore, and more.

On March 30, my mother and I went to see The Call, which was a great disappointment. It had suspense in it, but not really that much. First it started off with a dumb mistake by a main character, which is fine, suspension of disbelief and all. However too many blatantly obvious mistakes were made after the initial one to ignore, which ruined the movie.

To complete my profile on I filled in my bio, and other information, such as my blog address, Facebook URL, etc.  Also, I joined Twitter under my author name of Paul Chester, and my handle, I believe that’s the right word, is @jtreneyan.

I am now working on the first novel set in the Eyes of the Blind universe, which I’ve decided to call the universe where a lot of my stories will be set. The book will be called Sense of the Dark, and should be ready in a few months.

Then, on Saturday, April 6, my mother and I went to see the IMAX release of Jurassic Park. It came out 20 years ago or so, and you should all see it if you haven’t. It’s about cloning dinosaurs, and keeping them in wildlife refuge environment on a separate island. However the dinosaurs get free and mayhem ensues. However, T-Rex is the hero because he eats both the lawyer, and saves the main characters.

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