Sunday, March 10, 2013


I tried Windows speech, but it didn't seem to recognize my voice most of the time. I don't know whether that has to do with the sound card, or something else. When it did recognize my voice, it was often very inaccurate, so either Windows 8 speech got a significant downgrade, or one of the other problems I mentioned above. However, that doesn't really matter because Dragon works just fine.

This past weekend, March 9, we went to see Snitch, and I liked it. It was a bit depressing, but then so is reality. In the movie, the Rock plays a dad whose son is arrested for drug possession and distribution, and the Rock has to run some drugs for the Feds to get him a lighter sentence. In the course of events, a regional drug lord gets arrested, and instead of a lighter sentence, the Rock’s son goes free.

One more note on the movie, the actress, Susan Sarandon, who plays the federal prosecutor does a great job of portraying an uncaring bureaucrat.

In current events news, the TSA is lifting the ban on carrying small knives on planes, and also golf clubs, skis and souvenir baseball bats. Hopefully this means I will no longer have to fold up my cane when I go through security, because as I've said many times before, I find it very irritating. I can't say anything though, or we’ll probably miss our flight because of all the extra nonsense I have to go through.

I saw a story about an undercover agent who passed through two security checkpoints at the airport with a fake bomb stuffed in his pants. I don't know when the event took place, but that doesn’t matter. Evidently a fake bomb is just fine, but a blind man's cane, just like granny with a colostomy bag is a security risk.

Enough of my annoyance with the TSA.  On to other things. I've chosen to write under a pen name, Paul Chester, this makes my name far less likely to be massacred. Paul is my middle name, and Chester is the name of my maternal grandfather. If I remember correctly, the post I did on him is called hero so I encourage you if you haven't to take a look.

I'm in the process of publishing my short story on, which will convert my story into all major formats for e-readers, such as Kindle and Nook. I'm having a cover image made, so when that's finished, all I have to do is some final formatting. After I upload it to smashwords, it should take about a week to appear in the various e-book stores, such as the ibookstore.

           I was over my self-imposed word limit with my original last paragraph, so I'll cut it short. As I've said before, brevity and I have never been introduced, which is why I have no idea how twitter and I would get along. Some sample chapters of my just finished novel Sense of the Dark will appear in Flying Blind, my short story.

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