Sunday, March 3, 2013

Windows 8

        Continued from previous post.


        I eventually got to the start menu, and it was a mess. Although it's nice to know the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P indices, and the temperature in Paris, it really isn't essential. These, and many other frivolous things, are scattered across the start screen I should call it, with nary a drop-down menu in sight.


        After clicking several wrong icons, and struggling through numerous incorrect screens, I finally, I don't know how, got to the ease of access panel. That got me to the actual desktop with only a few icons, containing the recycling bin, Windows media player, Internet Explorer, and the rest. I blew the screen up, without using dynamite, only the magnifier, to the size I wanted, and then I proceeded to install Microsoft Office, McAfee, etc.


One thing I do like about this computer is that the monitor port is at a convenient height, since I usually have a lot of trouble with the complicated plug design.


I've seen a couple monitors with only USB-powered hookups, but I'd like an attached power cord. I'm not so eager to obtain an easier monitor plug that I would crash my computer because my monitor drew too much power from it.


I'm glad I got wireless headphones because it's much easier to plug in one USB receiver than guessing which plug goes in which jack. I like the wireless mouse and keyboard for the same reason, and it's two less cords. I may get a wireless printer for the same reason, but my first one died of old age, and I can't see slighting the second.


The only thing I wish I knew on the outside of the computer is, which ports are the USB 3.0 and 2.0? I think I know, but I obviously can't be sure. They don't have any identifying marks, and I never got a message saying this device can run faster. I don't know if that means my guess is correct, or Windows 8 doesn't show those alerts anymore.
I'll finish the rest of my Windows 8 adventure later, I have another thing to say.
I recently finished a short story, and I should be putting it on the Amazon Kindle in next two days or so.


A legally blind 13-year-old takes the bus to the genealogy center to earn volunteer hours, and takes a bridge to a whole new world where he can play a vital role.

When it comes out, I hope you like it, and my full-length novel Sense of the Dark should follow sometime in 2014. The novel will take place in the same universe, but 25 years or so after the events of my short story.

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