Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reason 555

        This Saturday, November 10, we went to see Skyfall at Cinemark, and it had the appropriate number of explosions for me. The movie doesn't really have a plot beyond kiss, kiss, bang, bang, so I really can't describe it that well.

As normal, I took the bus from the bottom of my street, and I don't transfer anymore in town. The morning bus driver mentioned something in passing to another passenger about a blocked off street in town, and I didn't take notice. He didn't say what street, and I had no reason to believe it was Wyoming where the bus stops. When I took the return bus, and got off in town, I assumed everything was normal. I found out as I began walking past different scenery that it was a different place, and I wondered if everyone else had gotten off at another stop for some other reason. I first thought maybe I made a mistake.

I asked someone, and was directed to Wyoming only one block away. At this point I still didn't know Wyoming had been blocked off, but I soon realized something was rotten in Denmark. I walked onto Wyoming, but there were no buses parked. I walked to the end of the block, and saw that buses were on the other side of the street. This confused me, but I decided to wait thinking the buses might just be late.

A young woman saw me, and asked if I was waiting for the Keyser Valley bus. We are apparently on the same bus sometimes in the morning, but I said I was waiting for Old Forge. She guided me to where the other buses waited on an adjacent street two blocks away. It was probably the place where I had been dropped off originally, and I thanked her for telling me the street had been blocked off.

Needless to say, by this point I was less than amused because I of course can't see the signs if there had been such. In the future I'll check the Colts website daily to catch these little announcements, I only hope it's updated daily. However, I must say, I don't carry a cane because I like the feel of it. Some random person shouldn't have had to inconvenience herself to show me where the alternate bus stop was, but I'm very grateful they did. One of the bus drivers should have told me, Oh, by the way, half of Wyoming is blocked off. A paper could have been taped up inside the bus, but again I couldn't see such.

On Tuesday, November 6, I've fortunately didn't have to vote in person because I already voted by absentee ballot. I think the two previous elections I voted in person because for some reason I didn't get an absentee ballot. The volunteers didn't seem to know how to accommodate a legally blind person, and the process took forever. It was a year ago, so I can't remember details. I also have no wish to repeat the experience for a blog post.

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