Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mark's Fault

I recently finished listening to a biography of Andrew Jackson by H. W. Brands, and I found it both interesting and depressing. Interesting because I didn't know all that much about him other than he won the last battle of the war of 1812 after the war was technically over, but depressing because of the attitude some had toward Native Americans, meaning they were here first, at that time. There are any number of biographies of Andrew Jackson, but I picked this one.

I also recently listened to the first five volumes of the Kingdom Keepers, and I liked them. They are more for a teenage audience, but it's about Disney. What more do I need to say because if you don't know after how many blog posts that I REALLY like Disney, then you need your head examined immediately.

Five kids model for holograms that are turned into guides for guests around the parks, but as you may imagine there's more to the story. They literally wake up in dreamland, and have to fight the Disney villains.

I also finished listening to a short story by Brandon Sanderson called Legion, and if you like Brandon Sanderson, I recommend it. If not, you should try another book. The main character has an interesting solution to life.

We had a pleasant Thanksgiving, but unfortunately Mark had to come in and ruin the holiday. My cousins also came in, and Brandon most likely gave me a cold. I'd much prefer to blame Mark, not because I think he actually was sick, but because he's my brother, duh. As usual, I ate one turkey leg, and my cousin Michael ate the other.

For a week after Thanksgiving I couldn't talk for long at all without coughing, so I didn't really talk at all. Upon reading this, Mark will probably have a fit because my silence didn't happen while he was here. He's probably of the opinion that getting sick himself is well worth the price of me not talking. That's also why this blog entry was so delayed because obviously I couldn't dictate to Dragon.

Last Saturday, December 1, I believe, my mother and I went to see Lincoln, and thought it was excellent. I mean the history itself was interesting to see; the subject matter was quite pathetic. I'll never understand why we haven't been able, through history, to see each other as human beings no matter the others attributes, and move on. I haven't listened to the book Lincoln is based on yet, but I probably will someday.

One final note before I close: as a disabled United States citizen I am offended that the Senate couldn't pass the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons. Unless the treaty called for human sacrifice as an enforcement mechanism, it should have been passed. This is all I'll say because my blog is only about a disabled persons journey through life.

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