Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bourne Again

       Saturday, August 18 we went to see the Bourne Legacy at the Great Escape and it was pretty good. There were small things which could’ve been improved, but only someone who listened to a lot of books both fiction and nonfiction would notice. After Bourne Ultimatum, they try to contain the damage by silencing everyone who could talk, but they miss one person, not for lack of trying. Mayhem results.

My book is done, and I’m editing it for the final time. I’m editing it for punctuation too, but more for language. I don’t mean bad language; I’m reworking sentences so there aren’t as many conjugations of to-be. I would post an excerpt, Sense of the Dark, but it isn’t copyrighted. I don’t want something happening, and me having no recourse.

Some time at the end of July, I pre-ordered Dragon 12, and downloaded it when it became available on August 4. I had to download it twice because only about a 10th of it downloaded the first time. It took maybe 15+ hours to download, but I didn't mind waiting. It took that long because the program was 2.9 GB. One of the new features I like said it had 30% better recognition than Dragon 11, and it did seem that way. Supposedly it has a feature that will tell you if you meet the minimum system requirements before installation, and everyone probably knows by now why I use the word supposedly.

It installed, but the installation process crashed once before all was done. That should've been an indication to me, but I just thought it was computers being computers.

When Dragon 12 opened completely, it functioned flawlessly, but accomplishing that proved to be the biggest problem. With it open, it never crashed, and recognition seemed to be faster than Dragon 11.5. Two of the days I used Dragon 12, I dictated 2113 words, and then another day 2600. However, it often crashed before opening, usually multiple times, on multiple openings, waiting perhaps hours in between.

It occurred to me at some point that the problem might lay in the music I listen to being too loud, and interfering with the microphone. I listen to soundtracks and classical, not heavy metal. Then I realized it couldn't be that because Dragon functioned fine once it got to the dictation stage. The problem occurred upon opening, and as I said the dictation part functioned flawlessly.

The most recent Friday, October 12, my mother and I went to see Taken 2, and we enjoyed it. Liam Neeson’s character, his ex-wife, and daughter, take a trip to Istanbul, and mayhem ensues. His ex-wife and he get taken, and he has to find a way to get them out. When he appeared on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno asked him why do you still take your family to Europe? Just stay home.

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