Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spinning Turtle

I started to talk about the Main Street Electrical Parade last time, but ran over my word count. I wonder how in the world that happened. I like the Electrical Parade a little more than SpectroMagic because the Electrical Parade is made up of big lighted floats. SpectroMagic contains more live performers, which are consequently harder to see. I also like the music of the Electrical Parade; it gives the parade an old-fashioned feel.

After the parade, the Wishes fireworks started, but it began with something different. I couldn't see this part as well, but Cinderella Castle flashed various colors. It also showed images of park guests enjoying their day, and a picture of Mark and I was taken the day we left(sad face) on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Then we saw the fireworks, which I'm still partial to over the Washington DC ones. I'm most partial to the Illuminations display. After the fireworks, we made our slow way out of the park, and back to Pop Century.

          On day five we planned to go to Epcot for reruns, but changed that to MGM. We had reservations for Via Napoli the following day, so we decided to wait until then. I didn't get the audio descriptive device this time because I heard everything it had to say last time.

I think we rode Tower of Terror three times, Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster twice, and saw the film Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. I liked the film because it paralleled the biography of Walt which I had. When you first entered the building where the movie was showing, there were a number of models of various attractions, most of which I could see to 1 degree or another.

We saw Muppet Vision 3-D, and went on the Great Movie Ride again. As much as I like the ride, I wish the drivers would vary their extemporaneous speech just a little because it gets tiresome after a few rides to hear the same corny lines. I realize for most of the ride they have to stick to a script, but the off-the-cuff remarks don't have to be scripted. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do Toy Story Mania again, so I couldn't clobber my mother with a higher score.

Then we took a bus to the Magic Kingdom to do some rides we hadn’t the first time. We saw Country Bear Jamboree, rode Splash Mountain, not getting as wet as I would've liked, and the Haunted Mansion, of course. Given our low expectations, all except my father, the first time we saw Country Bear Jamboree quite a few years ago, it exceeded them greatly. We go back every time we're at Walt Disney World to see it because it is so humorous.

Back to the present… Yesterday, July 28, we went to see our cousins, dropped off some snacks, and went to Applebee's for lunch. Matthew and Brandon seem to be obsessed with spiderman, and Matthew and Brandon apparently drew him. For some reason my parents and Mark never showed me the pictures, and I can't imagine why. I had a spinach and shrimp salad with bacon dressing, and it was tasty.

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