Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat Wave

Continued from Kilimanjaro Safari… I can only see a few animals, but I can't ride Haunted Mansion 973 million times (THE HELL I CAN'T). Then we went on Expedition Everest which obviously the audio descriptive device didn't work on. Since Expedition Everest is an actual roller coaster, not like Splash Mountain, I understand why it doesn't work on this ride. I'm not slighting Splash Mountain in the least, I'm only making the point that it has significant slow parts as compared to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Rock 'n Roller Coaster, and Expedition Everest.

Then we rode Dinosaur, which the descriptive device didn't work on. Although the ride does go somewhat fast, I think the description could be made to work, especially since the ride environment is dark. Then we went to Festival of the Lion King, which for some reason doesn't work with the descriptive device. Even though it is the live show, and thus contains a lot of movement, I think the description could give you a general overview.

Then we went to It's Tough to Be a Bug, but it was closed. Since the device supposedly only worked with this attraction it would have been irritating if I had only gotten to use it once.

On Tuesday, July 3 my parents and I drove down to DC to see Mark. Well, they saw him, but I only saw a walking post. Wait, you're telling me that's his normal appearance, nevermind. We only got lost once, but you can't blame me. I told them I wouldn't be a good navigator, but they insisted I take my turn. We had dinner at Tortilla Coast the first night, and then I watched some of Independence Day on Mark's 42 inch flatscreen TV. I was able to see it all right.

Wednesday we had lunch at Potbelly, and then walked around aimlessly for a little while. We got back to Mark's apartment at about 3:00, and had hamburgers, hot dogs, and pasta salad at about 4 PM. Then we took a little tour of where Mark works, and then went on the rooftop area to watch the fireworks on the mall. The fireworks were good, but I'm partial to Illuminations.

Thursday we went back, but were shanghaied to Cabellas by my father. When we got home, my mother went to get Max, and I got my computer back. On Friday morning my mother and I went to see The Amazing Spiderman in 3-D, and I must say the 3-D was very good. Although for the first 45 min. or so there wasn't any 3-D because someone had put the regular version in. My mother went out to tell someone, and we got the movie corrected. Luckily the part we missed wouldn't have made the best 3-D anyway, but the part after the correct movie was put in was very good.

That day also Mark came home, and we had Maroni's pizza for dinner. Then on Saturday he ditched us to go see his girlfriend in New York.

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