Sunday, July 15, 2012


Continued from animal kingdom… My parents walked along one of the nature trails that have been set up, while my brother and I went to the Magic Kingdom. I didn't get the audio descriptive device because we'd previously done most of the rides it worked for. We went on Splash Mountain, then took a train to Fantasyland and rode the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and It's a Small World.

We were rejoined in Tomorrowland by our parents, and rode Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and the People Mover. I'd never been on the People Mover, so I just wanted to try it once. I enjoyed it, but not enough to ride it again unless I was using the audio descriptive device. Buzz Lightyear I found very enjoyable because in the beginning I shot at something that gave me a high score.

There must've been some targets way in the background, and I happened to randomly hit one. Right before I hit that target I had a score of 1000 points, but then it shot up to 101,000. I ended up with a score of 104,100, and blew everyone else out of the water. This score made me a qualified planetary space pilot, and you my readers should be frightened out of your minds by that prospect. Unfortunately for me this means I still can't drive, but I can pilot the space shuttle. I still haven't gotten a call from NASA, but I expect it any day.

On Tuesday, July 10, darkness covered the land and the sky fell; that's right Mark came home. As you know, I take a bus to get to volunteering, and they recently changed their routes. In one respect, my travels were made easier because I no longer have to transfer in downtown Scranton. The Keyser Valley bus I take in the morning stops in downtown, and then goes right to Carbondale. The afternoon bus I do have to transfer though, and then walk from Walgreens on Luzerne Street. I like the exercise, and I get plenty of sun.

On Thursday Mark and I went to see Prometheus, which is a prequel to some movie. It deals with a space-faring expedition in search of the roots of humanity, and I find it funny that in space you always need to have a symphony. Whether it be Star Trek, Stargate, or Prometheus there is always a symphony playing in the background at certain points. Unfriendly aliens also make appearances throughout the movie.

Then, despite it being Friday the 13th, the darkness receded and the sky floated back into place; that's right my brother left. I tried not to celebrate too much, but I think I had one too many kegs. I had a splitting headache next day, but despite that my mother and I went to  Part of Me. That's the documentary about Katy Perry, and it was quite interesting.

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