Saturday, June 30, 2012


Continuing day three of our trip…  Then we went back to Future World, and rode Spaceship Earth and Journey into Imagination. Spaceship Earth I liked a lot because of the smells and ambience. The audio descriptive device worked fairly well except for one point where the description jumped ahead of the scenery because of a ride stoppage. Although this is one of the rides I've been on so many times, I could probably give the description.

Then we rode Journey into Imagination at which the description work very well except for the jumping ahead problem. Then we went back to World Showcase, and got a spot for Illuminations. We saw it, and as always it was very impressive. Then we returned the device, and returned to Pop Century.

The next morning we went to Animal Kingdom, and I decided not to get the device. It only works for It's Tough to Be a Bug, and that attraction turned out to be closed. I’d gladly carry it for what it does, but the device is about the size of an old Walkman, if anyone remembers what that is. First, we went to our Donald’s Safari Breakfast, and the characters were Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Jungle Mickey. The meal was buffet style, and everything tasted fine. The breakfast was at Tusker house, and was two table service credits each on the dining plan.

We got pictures with all the characters, even though we already had Goofy with us, but he was going under the name Mark. Oh wait, that's an insult to Goofy never mind. Then we went on Kilimanjaro Safari which is interesting for the few animals I can see. There’s a scene with an animatronic elephant, and some poachers. This will be removed in favor of a zebra area.

          Back to the present, I finished another two books, A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar and Vietnam by Stanley Karnow. I wanted to listen to A Beautiful Mind because I had seen the movie. It is the story of John Nash, who is a genius until age 30, but then develops schizophrenia. As you may expect, there are differences between the book and the movie, but the basic plot is the same. The book gives some of the formulas John Nash is working on, and that detracts from the overall flow of the narrative, especially in audio format. The subject matter is interesting, but really for people who like biographies.

          Vietnam by Stanley Karnow is the story of the Vietnam War, but also gives a very brief summary of Vietnam's history. The story really starts with the French colonization of Indochina, and then their subsequent experiences. I highly recommend this book as an illustration of how not to make foreign-policy.

When I'm waiting for the Carbondale bus to go to the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania, sometimes when a bus comes, random people will tell me that it's Carbondale. Evidently, they must be people I've asked before, or overheard me asking.

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