Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mickey's call

The week of April 15 we were packing for a trip to return “home”. No, not to Scranton, to Walt Disney World. I went to volunteering at the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I decided not to go in on Thursday because I had to finish packing. On Thursday my father and I went for haircuts, and then to the Teppanyaki Chinese buffet for dinner. Friday came and went with some final preparations, and on Saturday my mother I went to see Chimpanzee at the Great Escape Theater. The movie documents the life of one young chimpanzee, and his travails, including attacks by a rival group of chimpanzees. On Sunday, April 22 we got up around 5:15 AM, and got ready to leave. I'm odd so I had a hamburger with ketchup for breakfast, and then we left for the airport. Arriving there, we dropped off our luggage, got our boarding passes, and headed for security. As usual I had to fold up my cane before I went through the scanner, and also as usual I didn't say anything not knowing what would happen. I'd like to know what exactly they make a quadriplegic person in a wheelchair do to go through the scanner. Do they make him get out and crawl while they disassemble his wheelchair? I don't precisely need my cane to go through the scanner, but I also don't carry it around for fun. It just seems to me with all the technology deployed to scan you, a piece of that technology would be able to tell the operator that a blind man's cane is simply a blind man's cane. I would never say any of this at the airport though because I don't feel like being sent to Gitmo. After I sat down to put my shoes back on, and everything else back in my pockets, we went to the gate area. I got out my iPod and headphones, and listened to music for a little while. Eventually, the voice from nowhere told us it was time to board the plane, and I responded to Mickey's call. We were assigned seating in the exit row, which by FAA rules we weren't allowed to do. The rule states that all passengers in this row must be qualified to assist with evacuation which unfortunately is sometimes necessary. This seating change occurred before I became a Qualified Planetary Space Pilot, so I guess I'll have to except the decision as fair. In the end, we got it all sorted out, but not before the flight attendant told the passengers the plane wasn't leaving the ground unless he got volunteers. We'll remember that for next time, since most of the passengers didn't seem to be accommodating. We went through some turbulence, but the roller coasters are designed for greater jouncing anyway. We arrived at the Orlando international Airport, got lost once, but made it to the Disney Magical Express counter.

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