Sunday, May 6, 2012

Castle Mine

The Magical express service automatically transports your luggage from the original airport to your hotel in Disney World, in this case Pop Century. We got on the bus that would take us there, and while a video was put on for everyone else to more or less watch, I basked in my return. When we arrived at the hotel, our room wasn't quite ready, so we had to store our carry-on bags in the cage. Unfortunately they wouldn't believe me when I said Mark was excess baggage, and refused to store him until later.

Then we caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom because part of the benefit of staying on the grounds is complimentary transportation to anywhere within the limits of the Walt Disney World resort.

Upon arrival at the Magic Kingdom, we went to City Hall on Main Street USA, and got the disability pass that says the guest and his or her party can use special lines, special seating areas, etc. In my case however, since they still won't let me drive, it doesn't include use of special parking areas. We also asked for the device that narrates what you're seeing during rides, which will hopefully work better than last time.

When we got it, the handheld part hung on a lanyard around my neck, while the other part was a pair of headphones. While it came nowhere close to hindrance, the lanyard part felt a little on the heavy side. I didn't hear/see any orcs, but it did pull the hairs on the back of my neck. In the end, Mark did something to lengthen the cord, so I was able to put the handheld part of the device in my pocket. I guess storing him as excess baggage wouldn't have been such a good idea then, oh well.

I will now tell you about the device in a coherent manner because we didn't find out about all these things right away. Mark would say coherence and I have never been introduced, but I'd say the same about him.

The device seemed like it took a little while to wake up, because it didn't immediately tell me the places I was passing. All in all it worked fairly well, but it doesn't have automatic description. For the rides it does, but other than that, you have to control the device with buttons on the side. While I don't want to give Mark any larger a noggin than he already has, he was helpful in figuring the device out to a certain extent. There are two volume buttons, up-and-down selection arrows, an enter button, and the main menu button.

In the present, my mother and I went to see The Avengers at Cinemark because its first showing at the Great Escape was at the ridiculously, for a Saturday, early time of 10:30 AM. The movie is about a group of superheroes that have to stop an invasion from the Norse God of Chaos. Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious as usual, and I thought the ending was believable.

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