Sunday, April 11, 2010


First part of this entry will be Easter, and second part will be our trip to see 2M’s and a B. For Easter my mom makes pickled eggs and dyes hard-boiled eggs; this year she also made chocolate peanut butter eggs. The pickled and chocolate peanut butter eggs my mom made without assistance, while I, the blind guy, helped her with the dyed eggs. The dyed eggs are gone. I like eggs, but one peanut butter egg and some pickled eggs are left.

We had kielbasa and ham for dinner Saturday night, then ham and versions of eggs for breakfast Sunday morning. Then I got my Easter basket. (Yes I’m infantile, but I love chocolate.) This Easter it lasted four days, instead of one or two. My brother, though he claims to like chocolate, too, still has some of his chocolate left from CHRISTMAS. Sacrilege!

We went down to see the 2 Ms (Matthew and Michael) and a B (Brandon) yesterday and stayed for most of the day. We went because it was Brandon’s birthday. My parents are his godparents, so they didn’t want to miss it. I got up at about 8:30 (AM) on Saturday—a little too early for a weekend—got dressed and had breakfast. In the car, I listen to my walkman. Better than staring at the scenery. For anyone who doesn’t know, a walkman is an old-fashioned portable device that plays CD’s (or—gasp!--cassettes and has headphones. I don’t have an ipod, but my lucky soon-to-be liar, I mean lawyer, brother has one that he won. I don’t really need or want one because right now I don’t really have any use for one. Even if and when I do, I really wouldn’t use it because listening to music while walking would interfere with my hearing. Hearing is very, very important to someone who is blind or visually impaired, especially in this day and age when people don’t pay attention to traffic rules. I’ve probably said this before but it really does annoy me that I, as someone who has a white cane, have to pay extra attention because drivers are on cell phones rather than paying attention to their surroundings.

We got there at 11:30 or 12:00 and were greeted by Kelly, the barking dog. She’s a black lab and is therefore big enough for the kids to ride if they wanted to. When we came in, Cars (the Disney movie), was on, but no one really watched it. It was basically the first backdrop. We gave Brandon his present, and we also brought Toy Story for them. They like the ride in Disney World, but I don’t know if they’ve ever seen the movie.

I’m not sure whether Cars, which is a good movie, was over or not, but at some point Toy Story went in. It was the first one, so they watched that for a little while. At some point, Brandon went for a nap, and then at 2pm Karen, my mom, Matthew and Michael went for Brandon’s cake. Before they left, Karen’s parents, Beth and Dave, came for dinner.

I was in the recliner in their living room, and Bryan and Dave were sitting on the couch. At some point, Toy Story was stopped and Seinfeld was put on. I don’t remember when this transfer happened because they said I went to dreamland. Like I said, I was up at 8:30, and that’s just too early for a weekend.

More on my cousins (and the end of this story) next time.

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