Thursday, April 1, 2010

Disney XXV

Our second trip to Walt Disney World was in 1997 and it happened to be the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Cinderella’s castle was decorated like a cake, and there were many other decorations that I am no doubt forgetting. I couldn’t really tell that it was a cake; I could tell that the castle’s shape had changed. I could also see some different colors, but not that the changes amounted to a cake. That’s all I can remember about that.

When we went in 2000 it was the millennium, or maybe this last decade has just been a Y2K induced hallucination and it’s still 12/31/99. Well, first thing I noticed was the music. Background music was probably always playing; I think I just noticed it more. Especially in EPCOT, music seemed to be coming from everywhere, and I have the millennium CD with some of the music that was playing.

The first track on the CD called “Reflections of Earth” is the musical accompaniment to Illuminations. Disney premiered a new version for 2000 that’s been there ever since. I think pre-2000 it was just a laser and fireworks show, but now it has a theme. This goes back to the name I used to write my blog under because when I hear the song, I can see the fireworks display.

The third track on the CD is called Tapestry of Nations, and I think it was just done for the millennium. It was a nice parade, but they don’t do it anymore. Anyway, the parade itself had lots of dancers and floats representing various world cultures, or at least that’s what I was told. I could see some stuff; as for the rest, they could’ve been jumbo jets. The other tracks were just part of the background music. I also really liked the musical fountains, and anything else cool they can do with water. I don’t like Fantasmic, however, which is kind of Illuminations with water. I think they paint a screen of water using lasers and fireworks to tell a story or something. I was dragged to it once; I think everyone else liked it. I couldn’t make ears or tails of it.

There was an International pavilion in World Showcase that represented other nations not included in the main areas. This pavilion was neat, at least for me. I got a lot of mini-flags there representing various countries.

On another subject: in the next day or so, I should be putting up what will probably be my last Fallen Empire episode on Also, I’d like your feedback either there or on my blog. Tell me what I’m doing right or what you think I need to improve. That’s all for now, but I’ll have a blog about Easter. To all my readers, have a hoppy Easter or Passover. Buenas Noches.

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