Thursday, April 22, 2010

Triple Trouble

I can’t argue with that. In the car they watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel. It seemed like they were baking the cake because they were gone for an hour or so. Apparently, the cake wasn’t quite right; it just said Happy Brandon instead of Happy Birthday Brandon. Also, some picture was squished, so that icing had to be redone as well.

They got back, and we had another change of movie: the squeakuel was put in. Shortly thereafter Dave started dinner, which was steaks and baked potatoes. In the meantime, Brandon made a mess by pulling all his toys out of the closet. Matthew and Michael were sword fighting. Michael had a sword that made drawing and sheathing noises, while Matthew had a lightsaber. It didn’t make any noises, but that’s what it looked like.

When everything was done, we sat done to dinner, Brandon tried to turn the TV back on a few times, but Karen made him shut it off. Dinner was excellent; then we had cake. The singing of happy birthday by everyone sounded like a funeral dirge. I’m not saying I have a good singing voice; on the contrary, I could probably do a funereal march all by myself. Everyone, including the children, were given cake, and though I couldn’t see, I’m sure cake and icing got lots of places cake doesn’t normally go. While we were having cake, Kelly was given a piece of steak. Needless to say, Houdini probably would’ve been proud at how fast that disappeared. Granted, I didn’t see it, but I could use my vast deductive-reasoning powers.

Then it was present-opening time, and this was painful. At first Brandon seemed interested; his first present was a ball. He was 100% distracted by it and had to be called several times to open each present. Matthew and Michael were going to open them, but Karen insisted on calling Brandon. He was chasing after his ball, which prompted Beth to say we should’ve just gotten him a ball. Finally, Karen did allow the 2M’s to partially open Brandon’s presents and the ripping of paper got him interested.

This painful process was repeated 5 or 6 times; I felt like saying just let them open Brandon’s presents. After all his other presents were opened, he (and most everyone else) went outside to see his new basketball hoop. I didn’t go because I really wasn’t that interested, and watching things isn’t really my cup of tea.

The Masters golf tournament was on, but it was highlights at first. I always like when I can do this: I was able to identify four of the background songs they were using. Some time later, I was told to get ready because we were going, and then Mark called. My Mom and Dad talked to him for a little; sniffle, sniffle, I guess he doesn’t like me anymore. Well he hung up and we left, saying our farewells.

Max was happy to see us. A neighbor lets him out and probably gives him way too many treats, at his prompting, while we’re gone.

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