Friday, May 7, 2010

I don’t remember if I did this but I’ll say it again. I sit in the fifth row at the Cinemark movie theater, which has stadium seating, so I can see over everyone’s heads. If I went to a regular movie theatre I’d probably sit in the second or third row.

My mother and I saw Alice in Wonderland a few weeks ago in 3D, and I must say it was very good. I didn’t think there was anything to prevent young kids from seeing it; of course, I can’t see. In my opinion you wouldn’t have gotten a lesser experience seeing it in 2D. There weren’t any flying creatures of note that would be better in 3D, but I suppose falling down the rabbit hole was interesting in 3D. All together I recommend either seeing it in theatres or renting it.

A few weeks later we went to see Clash of the Titans, but we saw it in 2D. At that point it was in 3D XD and 2D because Alice was still in Real D 3D and in 3D XD; Clash would have been around $22 or so all together in 3D XD. That’s compared to $10.50 total for both of us on the Early Bird special. I like mythologically themed anything, books, movies, etc., but I must say Clash was something of a disappointment. Since it Clash of the Titans, I was expecting Titans: Saturn, Prometheus, etc. But Zeus, Hades, and I think Apollo were the only ones that appeared. Also there wasn’t very much clashing; a Kraken did a little damage but that’s it.

Then Mark, who deigned to come from his tower to see us, and I went to see Iron Man 2 in XD. After seeing it though, neither of us thought it was worth the price; the screen was larger and it may have been somewhat louder. It didn’t sound that much louder, but it was large enough that I could read the captions. It was only a small part, but I usually can’t read them. It wasn’t as good as Sherlock, which Robert Downey Jr. was also in, though it was pretty good.

Next week I’m going to Washington D.C. to not see Mark graduate. I will, however, be seeing plenty of the monuments, and I should get a few blog entries out of that.

Final note: I got an email from someone at saying that my blog was featured on their site because they stumbled across it and thought it looked interesting. I want to thank them and return the favor.

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