Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I think it was 4th or 5th grade that I had a vision teacher that brought mazes for me to play with. The mazes did actually have a purpose although they were just fun to me at the time. They were on a magnetic board(if anyone gets this, they didn’t involve animal stampedes) and the piece I used was basically a magnet. Anyway, before anyone says, not fair, you got to have fun in school, they were for hand-eye coordination, which still isn’t good but at least I got to have fun, ha.

Obviously, I didn’t drown in my swimming class in 6th grade, since I’m still here. In 7th grade I had sewing, I won’t make any jokes because I don’t know how many female readers I have and I can’t recall stabbing myself; they never had to surgically separate my fingers either. I made, wonder of wonders they all looked like what they were supposed to, a pillow shaped like a football, a small football, 2-class of 2000 decorative pillows and a butterfly magnet. I’ll grudgingly admit that some of the reason the things looked like they were supposed to was because I had help.

These blend together but another elective I had was woodwork, with hammer and nails and I wasn’t hospitalized for this class either. I’m better at destroying, but this time I built something; don’t know if I made anything else but I do recall making a wooden pickup truck. Next, there was woodworking with power tools but I guess someone realized that was a disaster waiting to happen; I was excused from that.

I think it might have been intermediate school where I read a book, either my mom read it to me or I put it under my large electronic magnifier. I don’t remember the title or much of the plot except, I liked the book and there was a guy that had North, South, West and East as aliases.

Everything else was basically ordinary in those grades. Then we(the royal we) moved on to high school. I remember for English I had a reading list and you could choose three or four books; one book on there was Fellowship of the Ring but I didn’t read it because I’d already read it. I should have lied but instead I was stuck reading so-called classics, classic misprints if you ask me. Though I did read one classic that I liked very much and now have on audio CD, 1984 is its name.

1984 is a very odd book and not everyone will like it; I do, however, recommend it and it is still very much relevant. I also chose Wuthering Heights, The Sun Also Rises, A Brave New World and other bad ones; this list is for all 4 years, since I can’t recall which books belong to which year. Well, next time I will continue with high school. Thanks for reading

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