Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last gasp...for the moment

Just a few final notes about Walt Disney World; I know, I know, you’re probably all thinking, shut up and talk about something else. I have four previous trips to talk about and no, before everyone starts shouting, they will only be the highlights since there are no lowlights at Disney. On our return to Epcot (to redo certain attractions or do some we missed) I got a Viking Donald at Norway. I don’t really collect plush animals, but I do have a number of them. Just so you know, before you call me names, my attack squirrel (and shut up, Mark) can take your Spongebob any day. Also, I got a shirt that says, “I’m grumpy because I’m with dopey”; dopey being Mark, aka MakeItSo. I must not have been feeling well when I asked him if he wanted to be a contributor.

I never described my room, and since I don’t have a webcam, I’ll do it the so-called old-fashioned way. I have a Star Trek calendar on my door; I have an Area 51 poster on one closet door and a flag poster on the other. Then, above my bed I have two pictures of my grandfather, a film cell from Independence Day, my black-belt certificate, a Star Trek film cell (from the original series), and a picture of Cinderella Castle. On the back wall I have a poster of Jamestown, then my window and then my framed Diplomas from Marywood and Penn State (Worthington Scranton campus).

Close to my bed I also have my clock, with a really annoying alarm (I’m still surprised it never took flying lessons), and my portable WMA player. The bed is the same one I’ve had for the last 20 years or so; as you’ll see, I’m not big on getting rid of something just because it’s old. If it works, I keep it. Besides, with most things, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to . . . .

The wall opposite my bed is where my TV is, it’s on a shelving unit that has some DVDs and my CDs on it. Then my dresser, with a mirror (so useful to me) and my big stereo on it. Then, I have a picture of the Argonath, for you non-Lord of the Rings people, those are huge stone statues of kings, then a pre-9/11 picture of the Twin Towers and, below that, my computer table.

I have a fairly old, but not a pin, printer, which I am very proud of because it’s worked for 10 years or so and my parent’s computer has gone through three I think. On my printer I have a bald eagle, a leopard (again, shut up, Mark) and a snowman. Next to the printer, I have Frankenstein, then my monitor and keyboard.

My monitor is a 20in LCD; the trim on it is black in color; my keyboard is black with white letters. Then, I have a darker-colored mouse, a lighter-colored Dell computer, my portable hard drive, and a “this day in history,” desk calendar, which I like very much.

Darker colors are easier on my eyes, even though I type without looking. The portable hard drive, named it Alexandria, has the books I’ve downloaded from www.audible.com on it, as well as a story I’m working on. Then, on the door wall I have a picture of my dad’s destroyer—well, the one that he worked on while in the Navy—next to an aircraft carrier. I can’t even see the destroyer because the carrier is so large. Then there’s another shelving unit with the remainder of my DVDs and audiobooks on it.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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