Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disney XXII

In Tomorrowland, we rode Space Mountain which was neat but I felt like I was going to be thrown out of the ride vehicle. The lapbar was secure but it still felt that way. I forget if we saw Carousel of Progress but my brother and I saw Timekeeper. It was a Circle-Vision 360 hosted by an animatronic robot with the voice of Robin Williams. I can’t remember very much now but the movie was neat. That’s pretty much it for the Magic Kingdom.

Epcot was next and seeing Spaceship Earth for the first time was really cool. I liked Spaceship Earth from the start, just the sights and smells of the past were cool, not to mention the fact that the ride was inside a giant sphere. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience wasn’t there; we did ride Journey into the Imagination, I think.

Next we went to Wonders of Life, which closed in 2002, I think. We all saw Cranium Command, which was a show where different people controlled different body parts. The show was very entertaining and I think it should’ve remained open. Then, Mark and I rode Body Wars, which was a simulator that took riders into the body.

Next we rode Living with the Land, which I think is very popular, even though it’s a slow boat rode. I don’t think I liked it the first time I rode it. I was 12; I wanted thrill rides, not dumb educational boat rides. Soarin’ wasn’t there at that time; as for the dumb educational boat ride, I changed my opinion.

From The Land we went to the World of Motion and I can’t remember a thing about it; not even if I liked it. Maybe sometime Mark can post a comment if he remembers more; though he was only 9 and I think the swelling of his head probably pushed such mundane things out. This ride was replaced by Test Track, which I very much do remember since it’s still there and neat.

We went to Horizons next and I’m pretty sure I liked this ride as I think it closed in 2002. Don’t recall very much except that before the end of the ride, there was an interactive part where you choose between three environments; desert, under sea and space. Then you watch on a screen as you travel through that landscape. This ride was replaced by Mission SPACE, to my mind not a very good trade; I can’t ride it because of my vision so that’s an even greater reason for me. If you like Mission SPACE that’s fine with me.

We saw Universe of Energy and it was slow so I think I put it in the dumb educational ride category. All around I don’t think I appreciated EPCOT as much as I do now; I was 12, this was Walt Disney World, learning was for school.

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