Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disney XVI

Last park is the Animal Kingdom. While this park is not my favorite, there are some very neat rides there. The symbol for Animal Kingdom is the gigantic Tree of Life. It is a huge tree with animal faces on every side; I can’t see the carvings but they’re there.

Inside the Tree of Life is the 3D show It’s Tough To Be a Bug; this is another show that requires those 3D glasses. The queue is just a line outside, with no scenery, at least none that I can see. The theatre is in the tree and the seats are crafted to seem like they’re made of wood. There are many effects, like smelly fog, running bugs, simulated stings, etc. My 6ft 3, 200 lb, former high school football player, brother chose not to see the show; he has no limitations to prevent him from seeing the show, so make of that what you will.

Next is the Festival of the Lion King, which is a truly awesome show. It’s a show of music, lights and lots of props. It is a circular theatre with groups of seats on two sides and the performers come from the sides that don’t have seats.

After the Lion King is Kilimanjaro Safari, which is not my favorite ride but I do see some animals; as for the rest, if I can see moving lumps I know they’re animals. I see the lumps clearly but I do only see lumps.

Next is the newest attraction, Expedition EVEREST and it is a good coaster; it isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Splash Mountain, it’s more like a snow version of thunder mountain. As with Thunder Mountain, I can’t see very much of the scenery; there was supposed to be a moving abominable snowman but due to technical difficulties, it is static.

The Kali River Rapids come next and, as the name implies, this is a water ride. You get rather wet during this ride; there doesn’t seem to be much scenery in this ride or, I can’t see it.

Next comes Dinosaur; it’s a ride through the end of the dinosaurs to rescue a specific kind. I forget what kind it is. Your time machine vehicle must dodge falling meteors, carnivorous dinosaurs, etc.

There is a new attraction called Finding Nemo: The Musical, which is another show. It’s not anywhere near as good as Festival of the Lion King but we tried it once, which is what trying is for.

We had lunch at an the Flametree BBQ, an outdoor restaurant, which is not always pleasant for me. It’s not that bad when it’s a cloudy day or at night but during the day, when it’s sunny, I have a hard time seeing, up to and including the food on my plate.

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