Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Afterwards, we went to City field to watch the Cubs play the Mets later, but before that we went to McFaddens for something to eat. I ordered mozzarella sticks and a chicken Caesar salad, and for a restaurant under a baseball stadium, it wasn’t bad.
Then we headed to our seats to watch, or in my case not watch, the baseball game. At one point in the game, I went with Mark to get a Sierra mist and a soft pretzel, but the soda was flat.
On our way up the stairs to get out of the stadium seats we saw a blind kid with his father on the other side of the stairs, and I actually saw his cane. Once we reached the top, we walked to an elevator, and it descended a grand total of two floors. For some strange reason, it stopped there, and we had to take the stairs the rest of the way. I have no idea what possible good an elevator is if it doesn’t descend all the way to the bottom.
Mark decided to take us to downtown Manhattan to see Times Square. We first walked through Grand Central Terminal. None of us (except Mark) had ever been there before. So now when someone says what is this Grand Central station, I have a physical comparison. It’s large, but most of its grandeur is probably lost on me. Mark said there were constellations on the ceiling, which I could only see tiny bits of.
Then we walked past office buildings, apartment towers, and more, heading to Times Square. As we walked, I got a view of the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building. Then the square itself blotted everything out. Here everything glowed fully not just outlined in lights, and I saw two Elmos and a Minnie. Evidently a few people always come to the square dressed up as characters from various shows and movies, and I had my fill of Times Square. With all the people wandering around, I shudder to think how many pack it on New Year’s Eve, but I will never be one of them, even if I could see. After that, we went home and crashed for the night.
Next morning, when everyone got themselves ready, we went to La Bagel Delight, and I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a bagel. We took everything back to Mark’s apartment building, and then sat on the roof to eat. I give it two thumbs up, and while I was on the roof, I heard plenty of trains.
Matt left first, so we all walked him to his car which, based on the distance we traveled, I think he parked just outside of Washington DC. Rodney left next, to meet a friend who lived in New York, so we walked him to the subway station, and that left me. I got myself one last chocolate chip ice cream sandwich at Jacque Torres Chocolate for the road. At about 2:30 we left for the subway station, and then rode the subway to the bus station. I said TTFN to both Mark and New York, but I’ll be coming back because for New York, Brooklyn wasn’t so bad.
Disclaimer: the record of this bachelor party has been edited to protect the guilty.

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