Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Off the Air

First of all, I haven't blogged for a while because I've been off the Internet. Now, we have wireless, so I'm back for good.

On Saturday, June 29, we went to see Man of Steel, and we would have been better off seeing the kids movie Epic. I liked the intro to the movie, actually on Krypton, but the introduction of Superman’s character on Earth used some bad writing. I don't think I'm spoiling very much when I say Superman overcame all obstacles, but the human good guys didn't acquit themselves very well. I thought it was a fairly realistic portrait of what would happen if an alien came to Earth, but when I go to see a Superman movie, I don't need realism.

Staying with movies, on Saturday, June 22, my mother and I went to see Monsters University, and I have to say, that it was much better than Superman. The story is a prequel to Monsters Inc., and shows how John Goodman(Sulley) and Billy Crystal(Mike Wazowski) become friends. One more thing, you don't need to have seen Monsters Inc. to enjoy this one.

On Saturday, June 15, my mother and I went to see Now You See Me, which was also better than Superman. The story is about a group of street illusionist who perform together now, but I can't tell you much more than that. I don't want to spoil the movie, but it is worth seeing. In summation, I highly recommend you see Monsters University, I recommend you go see Now You See Me, but I don't recommend, with two thumbs down, you go see Man of Steel.

While I was off the Internet, I have been working on various stories. I have a series of four chapbooks in mind, two of which are almost complete, one is somewhat complete, and one isn't started yet. The first three will be a trilogy about a boy who discovers a new world of talking animals who act quite like people. They listen to music on a boombox, and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks movies on a DVD player. He also discovers the world goes much deeper, and he's given tasks by Mother Nature.

The fourth one which may or may not be a trilogy, is about a boy who discovers mermaids. He visits the world in secret because he knows his parents wouldn't believe him. When I write more of this story, I'll tell you more.

I'm still working on Sense of the Dark, but I needed to write down these ideas while I had them.

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