Friday, June 15, 2012

The Land

As an example of something the audio descriptive device might say, we'd be walking by the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat and it would say, by Sorcerer Mickey hat and restrooms. Personally, I cared much more about the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat than about the restrooms.

After lunch Mark and I went on Star Tours: the Adventure Continues, which is now in 3-D. I have to say the 3-D and new scenarios didn't add that much to the rides overall affect, and I don't know if I'd do it again. There are supposedly 50 different scenarios you can experience but I don't plan to ride it 50 times to find out. It's the same flight simulator design as before, but with different scenery. There wasn't a description, but the scenery really was moving too fast for there to be one.

Then we all went to the Beauty and the Beast live stage show, which had an audio description. It added to what I could see on stage. Then we rode Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror one more time each. These final trips made altogether three on Tower of Terror and two on Rock 'n Roller Coaster. After those final rides, we rode off into the sunset, and back to Pop Century.

The following day before we went to the parks Mark showed me the giant statue of Baloo and Mowgli, and I saw the yo-yo which for some unknown reason didn't have Mark’s face on it. Our building also had a giant can of Play-Doh outside flush against it. The yo-yo is one of the giant decorations found throughout the hotel's area, and at night they light up.

Then we walked to the main building, ate breakfast, and then caught a bus to Epcot. We got the audio descriptive device, and went on Soarin first. We thought it didn't have an audio description, but it apparently does. I remarked that I thought the scenery was moving slowly enough that a description could be possible, and this would complement what I can see and smell. The California countryside is close enough that I can see quite a lot, but of course I can only see generalities.

Next we rode the land boat ride where the audio device worked until we got two thirds of the way toward the end, and then it stopped working. That section was a greenhouse, so the scenery won't necessarily be always the same. However it still could have described the plants that are there most often.

Back to the present. On Friday, June 8, my mother and I went to see Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted, and despite not seeing any of the prequels, it was an enjoyable movie. We saw the 3-D version, mainly because the regular version was at an unreasonably early time. The movie was done well in 3-D, but I still wish the Great Escape Theater did more than just throw away the 3-D glasses.

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