Saturday, December 3, 2011


I had a nice Thanksgiving; I'm supposed to say it because I got to see my brother, but in reality it's because I like turkey and homemade peanut butter pie. Unfortunately, I had to put up with my brother for 3 days, but on a happier note, I got to see my three little cousins. My father always gets up at 5 or 6 AM to start the turkey, so it's always ready by the time we sit down to eat at 2:00p.m. I like the drumsticks of the turkey, but last year my cousin Michael decided that he wanted to try one. I ate one, and he ate most of another. This year too he had one and I had the other, so I think it's become a tradition.

After dinner Brandon, the youngest, started playing with a rubber ball and a catchers toy that my dog has. He wanted to play catch with me, and when I asked Bryan, his father also my cousin, he said it was fine. For the most part, I threw the ball at Brandon, obviously not very hard because I could only generally aim. A few times Brandon threw the ball, and I used the bat. However, I did my best to avoid this because I don't really like having things thrown at me for obvious reasons. Once Brandon's older and can understand what visually impaired means, I will make absolutely certain I remember to tell him this story.

Eventually, they left, so we only had one houseguest and that sadly was my brother. Since he didn’t leave until Sunday mayhem ensued. My parents and brother went out shopping on Black Friday, but at a normal hour not 5 AM. For dinner we ordered pizza from Revello’s, and all five of us thought it very good. I say five because Max had some too, just not that day. Saturday found a full 12 cuts of pizza left from the previous night, and six cuts of white pizza.

For my breakfast Saturday morning I had three pieces, and then we got ready to leave to get our Christmas tree. Both boxes of pizza were on the oven, which is pretty high up, and we thought this sufficient. I imagine by now you can all see where this is going. At the same time we were finding our tree, Max was finding how to get the pizza. One of Mark’s mayhem -causing incidents had occurred, but the second had yet to. We ate hamburgers for dinner that evening and being refrigerated they weren’t accessible to Max. However, that Saturday night Mark killed my mother's dryer because she was washing his clothes at the time. Thus after causing all this mayhem he went home the next day. On that note, I'll say farewell until my next entry.

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