Saturday, September 10, 2011


Continued from previous entry
It was around 1:15, so I prepared to leave. I shut down my computer, said goodbye to everyone, and went outside to sit on the bench. It basically is the bus stop, so if you're waiting a long time, you at least get to sit while waiting. There was paving going on further along the bus route, so it was 10 or 15 min. late. When the bus arrived, I took it back to downtown Scranton, and because we were concerned that I had missed it, my mother drove me home.
The rest of the day went fine, except for the ending. Mark came home around 11:30 that Thursday night. Friday he went for a walk with one of his friends around Lake Scranton, and after they were done she dropped him off. No Appalachian Trail stuff, it was strictly above board. She also knows me fairly well, knows I'm visually impaired, but still she waved at me. Mark said in an incredulous voice, you waved at my brother, my brother. She started laughing, and I just shook my head, turning away. I enjoy making fun of people who wave, beep, or in some other way try to catch my attention that is totally useless. Of course it's only funny if somehow I find out who they are, so I can tell them later of their utter foolishness.
While he was here, we went to our summer place, which was fun. We didn't really do anything on Friday night, but on Saturday night we made s'mores. On Sunday we went to the Wyoming County fair, and all had gyros. Then Monday afternoon we came home.
We came home Monday afternoon, and then Mark and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens. Both of us thought the movie was pretty good for its kind. The movie won't win any Oscars, but then it was designed to entertain, not win awards. It fulfilled its task of entertaining admirably. Then we had leftover pasta salad and pasta for dinner. Then my mother and Mark went for ice cream, which I heartily approve of. Then on Tuesday we went to Revello’s CafĂ© Pizza for dinner. The next day my mother and Mark went for Chinese food, and I was forced to have seafood salad. As anyone who knows me can tell you I truly despise shrimp, pasta, and olives. My Wednesday night was very nice because they took Mark back to the bus station.

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