Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After all that I was able to see what there was to see, I was in the third row. When the presumptive graduates filed in, they played something else not Pomp and Circumstance. Mark was sitting in the first seat of the first row because he was numero uno, and was the first to go up to receive his diploma. There a lot of J.D.’s some Master’s of Law and one super doctorate as I called it. I thought it kind of stupid that they didn’t play any music while the graduates went up, not really loud but low background music.

After the ceremony, we waited for Mark and then left. Outside, we met Matt, a friend of Mark’s, and then walked to Mark’s journal office. We were also told that it is exceedingly rare for the editor of the law revue to also be numero uno. I don’t want Mark to get a swelled noggin from me saying that, but I must report the truth. Mark showed us around the building, which involved going up narrow, winding stairs, but I was fine. He said soon the law review is moving to a new building, which will hopefully be more accessible to people with disabilities. Going up those stairs reminded me of the Old Main Building at Penn State where around a century ago I think some students as a prank brought the school mascot, a mule, to the very top. I’m sure no alcohol was involved.

Next we met up with Betty, Mark’s girlfriend and her family, and took the metro to Chinatown. There were 12 of us: my mom, dad, Mark, Betty, her mother and father, her sister, her maternal grandparents, her former roommate Michelle, Matt, and me. We decided to take the metro because we would’ve had to take three or four cabs or been like those cartoons where car doors open and people keep coming out. I like going on the metro; I think it’s really neat to be underground. Also the tickets and escalators remind me of Disney World, but unfortunately the cars don’t take one to Fantasyland.

Chinatown was really cool; it was very lively as compared to the rest of DC, which was dead. We got to Clyde’s,, relatively on time; our reservation was at 6:30, and were seated soon thereafter. We were seated in a room with one long table and some booths, so I assume this room was set up for large parties. I anchored one end of the table, and Mark anchored the other. I just drank water; I drink mostly water now and a side benefit is it’s free. I was going to order the shrimp cocktail for an appetizer, but mom pointed out that vegetables or something were part of the entrĂ©e. That ended that, so I got a Caesar salad and seafood fra diavolo without the mussels. My dad got that too; because we had no mussels we got some extra shrimp. They weren’t as big as the ones at Luigis, but they were large enough.

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