Monday, June 28, 2010


Next we decided to walk to the Korean memorial which I’ve only seen once. We passed the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial all lit up. I also saw the moon and what we think was a planet. Well I really only saw two bright dots, but that’s what they were. I thought the crescent shape to the moon, but when I know what something looks like, I’m never able to tell if I’m actually seeing it for what it is or if my mind is filling in the blanks. Also, I don’t recommend sightseeing while blind; it usually doesn’t work. Other people can look from side to side and keep walking, but I usually trip or walk into something when I do.

We arrived at the Korean Memorial, but I couldn’t really see anything, though my father got some good pictures of the memorial for a friend of his, so that was good. Then we took a taxi back to the hotel, and I got an ice cream sandwich from the gift shop. That ended our second night in DC, and Mark still hadn’t graduated.

My parents and Mark went to church on Sunday morning and brought me back an egg sandwich from a place called Cosi. It was pretty good, and it was delivered. Then we watched the TV broadcast of the University-wide GW graduation where Michelle Obama was the commencement speaker, but we had to listen to an infomercial for the school first.

Soon after Mrs. Obama’s speech, we left for Mark’s graduation. We took a cab to the Charles E. Smith Center, where the graduation was. Mark departed, and we waited outside. We entered when it was time, and presented our reserved tickets. Mark had been able to get two reserved, and this was appreciated. Wait, I’m not supposed to be nice to my brother, nevermind.

There was a problem. Luckily we’d gotten there early enough and were near to the front of the line. It turned out that the seating was far back with wheelchairs. It’s nice that they have areas for wheelchairs, but being that far back doesn’t do me a whole lot of good. Being near the front of the line, we were able to get a seat near the front, but what if we hadn’t been? I wasn’t there, but I’m sure Mark said at least once that I was visually-impaired. He said I need a seat close the front, but he says that the person he talked to seemed confused by that. It wasn’t that there was that much to see; it was more that it was a special occasion. Had we not have come early, I guess I would’ve made do with the back.

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