Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Unseen Story

Once upon a time a beginning to a story was born, but that beginning has become cliché. Unless you’re writing a time travel story, you should probably start a story some other way. For instance, the story that got accepted at didn’t start that way.

I wrote for a middle school, I think, writing contest and won honorable mention. Sadly, I don’t know what happened to that story, all I know is I don’t have it. This was before the days of massive hard drives and flash drives; you could only store so much on a floppy disk. I wish I still had it, but I don’t so no use crying over spilled milk. I already wrote something else probably as long as or longer than that one, and another one somewhat shorter. Both are only fragments, so that’s why they’re not already out there.

I didn’t always like to read, for one, it was tedious to keep adjusting my big electronic magnifier whenever I turned a page. There weren’t many audiobooks when I was growing up; also I think I was too lazy to go to the library.

I ordered a lot of abridged Star Wars books on cassette, but I eventually traded them in for credit with I got Hunt for Red October from there and most of the Dune books, which I still have. All the Tom Clancy books I have now and most of the Dune books are very good. As I said in my earlier audiobook entry, my favorite books will always be The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Some other books that I really like are The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, which will be 14 books when completed. I like Brandon Sanderson’s books too; he’s concluding the Wheel of Time series because Mr. Jordan passed away before completion. I have a lot of histories and biographies too. If I listed all the books I had, I’d still be typing the list when the world ends in 2012.

To one degree or another all these books have given me inspiration. One degree was that I’ve often read something and wanted to be like those authors. Other times I’ve thought, I could do better than that. That’s what I’ve set out to do. My first episode at is just a beginning; Minas Anor wasn’t built in a day. I’ll post another episode over there next week, so stay tuned and I won’t bite. If you wish you can post a comment about it there or you can post a comment to my blog. Keep Reading.

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