Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishes is the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks display and, if I remember correctly, it goes off at 10pm nightly, although it adds something when you watch SpectroMagic first. First, the castle is lit; I’m not really sure if this is done before or after SpectroMagic, then comes the narration about wishes coming true. Then come the fireworks, they’re really cool to watch, and they’re so big and so loud that even I can see them, by echolocation if nothing else. Sometime during the fireworks a person dressed as tinkerbell “flies” to the castle. At most I see a moving point of light and sometimes not even that. Even without seeing her, the fireworks are really cool and again, it’s something I can see, which is always nice.

I don’t know how but I left out the Tiki Room. There are animatronic statues in the ferns where the queue area is or maybe they’re just speakers, I can’t really tell. When you go in you sit down and look up because the action is above you, they are birds after all. Jose the Parrot—I like the name—starts narrating and then Iago interrupts him, to liven up the show, he says. He does a few acts and then the totem polls come alive to make him disappear. The Tiki Gods do their part of the show, and then Iago reappears, miraculously in (more or less) one piece. Then, the show finishes and you leave. The show is mostly either the birds talking or singing.

Haunted mansion is my favorite ride at Walt Disney World. The area on either side of the queue is supposed to symbolize a graveyard and the tombstones have funny epitaphs on them. I can’t remember clearly what they but I think more than once Mark talked about sending me to join them. There is a cast member at the door who says something corny then opens the door and directs you down a hallway. It’s pretty dark when you enter so I usually grab Mark’s arm; I’m using my cane too but for the sake of keeping together it’s easier to use Mark. At the end of the hall, you enter a room where you ghost host introduces himself and asks you if you would like to join the party. Then the doors open and you board your doom buggy. After repeated ridings, I’m pretty much able to see everything in the Haunted Mansion; the skeleton orchestra, the ghosts down in the ballroom and the candle floating at the end of the hallway. I really only see the candle as a shape but I see it; at one point there is a crystal ball doing a séance and then ghosts floating up from the graveyard. Then you go past trick mirrors that show that a ghost or something has entered your buggy and will follow you home.

Sniffle, Sniffle, I think that’s it, we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to but then again, there’s never enough time. Though I think we’re done with pricy restaurants with dress codes, that was a total disappoint except seeing the fireworks from there. Give me Cosmic Ray, the Pop Century food court, etc., as I said it was nice that we tried it but that was just a waste of time. Next entry, I’ll complain about going home and then combine it with something else.

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