Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disney XVIII

Before I start this entry, which will focus on entertainment at Walt Disney World, I want to take note of an airplane incident that happened recently. I am speaking about the American Airlines Frequent Flier who got a federal warning because he asked for orange juice. This is a link to the story I regard this as an indication that my attitude concerning taking my cane on flights or through security is well-founded. As noted in an earlier entry, I don’t want to make a federal case out of folding up cane for security; I just didn’t think I meant it literally. On to happier things and places.

One afternoon we went to Downtown Disney; there are shops, restaurants, night clubs and other entertainment areas. There’s a huge Virgin Records store there, a movie prop store and many others. We ate at Planet Hollywood, which is positively huge and Very loud. The food was good and, after a little while, I got used to the ambiance; it was just Loud. I’m sure the d├ęcor was nice but I couldn’t see all that much of it.

Then, we went shopping for a little, yuk; then, we went to DisneyQuest. DisneyQuest is along the lines of a five-floor (or so) arcade, chock full of advanced games and virtual reality. The best attraction here is CyberSpace Mountain. It features a full-motion simulator, where you can design and ride your own rollercoaster; Mark and I designed Thrillers twice but unfortunately neither of us can remember what we called the coasters. All I can say is mad scientists would be proud of our design. That’s all for Downtown Disney; now, for the rest of the show.

I was going to wait to write this in the order I did it but, oh well. It was a previous trip, we were staying at Wilderness Lodge and we were down on the walkway by the Seven Seas Lagoon. There is a water pageant on the Lagoon, with large, lighted sea serpents, King Triton and others; I saw it first and I like that.

There is a sometimes-nightly parade in the Magic Kingdom called SpectroMagic. SpectroMagic features floats with lights on them; Jiminy Cricket narrates the show but my family also points characters and floats out too. For some reason, there are a lot of, what look to me like lit butterflies.

Parades always annoy me. For one thing, you have to get there an hour (or more) before to have a good spot to see the parade, which is annoying but worth it (at least for SpectroMagic), though sometimes we must be forceful to defend our spot. Sometimes, people come 15 minutes or less before the parade starts and expect to stand in front of us; I am not tall (5 ft 5) and most often standing with my cane out, yet they still try to stand in front of me. Most times, they are miffed that they can’t stand in front. Parades are also annoying because people in scooters and wheelchairs can be in the front for some unknown reason, but I, who have a cane, cannot. (I have a permanent disability, and with no amount of work would I be able to be able to see properly.) I’ll refrain from further comment about scooters.

I hope everyone has a good holiday and has lots of good food to eat.

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