Saturday, December 12, 2009

Disney XIV

The Beauty and the Beast show is next. This attraction violates one of my dislikes, it’s a musical but even I can have a few exceptions. It’s a show, so I have to sit closer but I can show my card and sometimes say something anyway; the card is for all disabilities or a broken leg. The seating for the card is in the back but obviously that is worth nothing to me; the cast members don’t seem to always know what a cane means but many do, more than previous trips. Anyway, it’s just a live show based on the movie, with people dressed up in colorful costumes.

Next up is the Great Movie Ride, which is a tram ride. The façade is a replica of the Mann Chinese theatre and this is one of the original MGM attractions. I think there are movie props along the queue but I can’t see all that much. You board the tram next and you have a driver, which comes into play later. You travel through movies and their scenery from various decades. I don’t like all of the movies but the scenery is always nice to look at. There’s a point where you come to the gangster movies and a gunfight. Your driver goes to break it up and one of the gangster’s hops into his place; the ride starts again and you head out. The gangster breathes a sigh of relief when you pass out of the area but the next scene is the ship from the Alien movies; needless to say the earthbound gangster isn’t very happy to see some of the bad boys of the universe. You pass out of that room and into a room with a big jewel of some kind Indiana Jones); the gangster gets out to retrieve the gem and you hear an ethereal voice. It tells you that the stone is cursed but the gangster doesn’t hear; just as the gangster puts his hand on the gem, he goes bye-bye and your driver returns. You proceed through several more scenes and then to a movie clips room. When the clips are over, so is the ride.

The Backlot Tour is the next stop and this is another calm ride. It’s a tram ride that takes you on a tour of the process of making a movie. You go through a functioning costume store, see facades of actual buildings that appeared in movies and so on. I can’t see very much but it’s nice to listen to the driver’s narration.

Next is Muppet Vision 3D and it’s really cool. This is another attraction for which you wear 3D glasses. Along the queue there are displays of the latest from Muppet Labs. There is a pre-show and it involves the set up for what the actual show will be; you do not wear the 3D glasses for this pre-show. Next is the show itself and it is awesome. You put on the 3D glasses and everything comes alive. There are other effects too, such as bubbles and sound effects, etc.; at one point, Kermit the Frog opens a bottle of champagne and you get wet. This is a capital MUST SEE!!!

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