Monday, November 23, 2009

Seen or Unseen

The events detailed below occur in no particular order because they can’t be measured chronologically.

As I said before my parents didn’t realize I couldn’t see at first because I kept pointing to things and apparently seeing them. Within a few years, they learned differently. When we would take drives in the car, my mother, as I recall, would ask me if I could see the leaves. I responded with a yes because I thought that’s what she wanted to hear. I, of course, had no clue what color the leaves were and they all looked like an uninterrupted mass to me. If others can see individual leaves from cars, I can’t. Eventually, the jig was up and I said I couldn’t see the leaves, that, I could never see the leaves. Everyone thought it was funny. I do, however, remember walking by pretty leaves, especially at Marywood. Some of the leaves were yellow or that’s what they looked like to me.

Every year we go to cut our Christmas tree fresh and we mostly get blue spruces. I go every year too; I’m the spotter. Most years it’s been cold and we’ve had to dress in layers, which is fine. We always listen to Christmas music when we’re going for the tree. My song favorites are the Muppet version of 12 days of Christmas, Manheim Steamroller’s version of Deck the Halls, anyone’s carol of the bells and any Trans-Siberian orchestra Christmas songs.

I POSITIVELY hate boots. I think it has to do my balance issues and the fact that boots are higher than normal sneakers. I fell on year at the movie theatre and spilled my soda; that was why. I don’t know if my family truly gets why I don’t like boots. I might, emphasis on might, be able to get used to boots if I wore them a lot but I don’t. If sneakers aren’t flat enough, they take a little adjusting to but I’m always wearing sneakers. Sneakers made out of boot material would be fine but they also need to be tied like sneakers. I don’t know if it has to do with seeing or not but I have issues tying the type of boot laces that need to be looped around those brackets or whatever they are. The laces always seem to be too short and the whole process seems overly complicated.

One year we went to a tree farm that had Real reindeer, though none of their noses glowed, at least, as far as I could tell. We go to cut our tree, which usually involves a good amount of walking; sometimes on very uneven ground. This is fun because my cane is great for pavement but it doesn’t function so well in the grass. Sometimes I hold someone’s arm, for the sake of not falling in the mud. I keep pointing out trees that are either 17 feet high or else barely out of the ground.

I have much more to say on this subject so I’ll be posting on this again.

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