Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disney IX

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience is also in the Imagination Pavilion. It’s a takeoff on the movies but you don’t need to have seen them to enjoy this attraction. I haven’t and it’s one of my favorites. This attraction is one of those that require 3D glasses. In the preshow they say they are “safety glasses”. As with Mickey’s Philharmagic, the glasses fit right over my regular glasses. It’s not necessary to sit in the front and sometimes it’s not even practical because the stage, for lack of a better word, is raised to some extent. Therefore, if you sat in the front you would constantly have to lean back and look up.

It looks like objects in the show are coming at you with the glasses on and sometimes you duck despite knowing that everything is static and on the screen. There are special effects, such as wind, a jouncing sensation at the end and many others. A large, to the audience, snake; a blown-up, with the enlarging machine, baby, and a sneezing dog assail the audience at one point or another. There are too many to list but trust me, this is a very cool attraction.

I didn’t go on Mission SPACE because the description sounded like it might give me a headache. If you want to know what it is like go to or some other website and read the description.

The Seas with Nemo was nice but not that interesting for me, at least. The coolest part was how they managed to get Nemo into a real aquarium, at least, I think there were real, so to speak, characters in there and not just voices. You board the ride vehicle and go after Nemo. You go through a real aquarium which is nice but it’s all about Nemo and I can’t see Nemo, or his friends. Since the fish and other creatures are real, Disney’s descriptive audio system would have worked right anyway because the scenery isn’t static. This is another once a trip attraction.

The aquarium that you can walk through after the ride is cool. You can get right up to the glass, well, almost. The Manatees are neat though they look like big blobs to me and since those who can see say that’s kind of what they look like, we’ve got no problems. Mark always suggests I stick my head in the shark tank to get a better view, he says.

Next up is the Land Pavilion and the Land Boat Ride and the Circle of Life movie. Circle of Life is a movie about man and nature. It is not necessary for you to have seen the Lion King movie to enjoy this movie. I sit close up, but not in the front, because the screen is huge and I would have to be always looking up. The story is told by Rafiki to Simba, the lion about the circle of life and how man has somewhat interrupted it.

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