Sunday, November 8, 2009

Disney VI

Our room was on the second floor of our building; you could either take the steps or an elevator. Most times we took the elevator but we did occasionally use the steps. We had connecting rooms, which was nice because we could talk about what we wanted to do the next day without walking a far distance to do it. Another thing, occasionally, when the housekeeping staff makes up your room, they will leave a towel animal behind. I’m not ashamed to say I have a Dumbo, I think, towel animal sitting on top of my computer tower and it will stay there until it falls apart.

I knew the food court at Pop Century seemed to have a lot of choices because I looked at the menu before going, but my thought was, how good could it really be, it’s a Value Resort. It was very good. My first night there, for example, I had some kind of spicy chicken. The food court is large and there were a lot of people but—surprisingly—it didn’t feel crowded.

After dinner, I stepped out to look at the bowling pins at night. They were backlit or something, but they looked really cool; unfortunately, I don’t think we have a picture of them or maybe we do and I just don’t recognize them. Either way, I’ll if I can get some pictures together and post them. Just so you know, I personally took every single picture. If you believe that, I’ve got quite a few landmarks to sell you.

Then, we went back to our rooms to get ready for sleep. I would’ve preferred to stay at the parks ‘round the clock but, unfortunately, they do close for some reason. Hotel room showers must operate on different principles than showers in homes. It seems they all have a different way to start the water. They’re probably all the same and I just forget because I operate with the three-handle shower. These all have a single handle and it’s in the middle of the wall above the water faucet. I usually have to ask someone how you turn the shower on because: First, you have to pull up or press down on something to get the water from bath to shower. Then, you have to turn the single handle for the water, but it’s a toss up as to which way is hot or cold. Also, sometimes you have to pull on the handle, too. So taking a shower at a hotel is always interesting.

When watching TV, I usually pull a chair closer, and, with two people in the room, there’s less of a chance of me blocking someone’s view. (Though my brother might say I’m blocking his view just because he’s my brother.) After some TV, it’s off to The Hundred Acre Wood until tomorrow, an Epcot day. Unfortunately, our hotel isn’t where you can see fireworks or anything. I will get to an entry where I’ll tell you about something that I did see . . . and spotted first!

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  1. I don't think Mark could get away with saying anyone is blocking him, since he's usually the tallest around by at least five inches. Then again, everyone looks gigantic to me, from all the way down here... ;)