Saturday, November 7, 2009


I think you mentioned that you have a computer program that blows up things so you can read them. Do you ever try to do that with books too, or are audio tapes and CDs a lot easier for you? If something is blown up enough so that you can see it, is it painful for you, or is it just a question of making sure it's big enough?

It’s much easier to use audiobooks and Zoomtext itself has a speech component that reads word documents and web pages aloud. Reading anything is only a matter of the magnification I set Zoomtext at. Even if I were to use improper magnification, it wouldn’t be painful at the time; I would only get a headache after extended viewing of improperly magnified material.

Do you think you would have been an auditory learner regardless of being visually impaired? I know that even some sighted people prefer hearing things out loud, and insist that they learn better that way. Also, we've all heard that when you lose one sense (or have it diminished, at least), all other senses increase... You've talked a lot about hearing, but do you think you're senses of touch and smell are any stronger?

My others probably have increased somewhat but not to the extent my listening comprehension is heightened. In my Nov 10th entry I will touch on this briefly; my sense of smell has definitely increased. To the point that I seemingly have a better sense of smell than our dogs, but it could also be that our dogs don’t seem particularly bright. I can tell from rooms away what my mother is cooking. Sometimes, if she gets chocolate but doesn’t tell me I can smell it out. I don’t honestly know about my sense of touch but hearing and smell definitely.

You do see colours, right? Has a doctor ever diagnosed you as partially colorblind? Did they ever test for that?

I see colours but probably not as much as sighted people. I see all colours but lesser contrast colours are difficult to tell apart, like yellow and green, those in-between colours. Darker colours are easier like black or red and the like. Light blue and other light colours are more difficult. I can tell they're colours but not which ones.

When you look at things like peoples' facebook pictures, can you see them pretty well with your computer programs?

With Zoomtext I use a contrast that changes colours so there's more black and the type is white. When I want to really see pictures I change to normal colour and with it larger I can see them pretty well.

Where does your pseudonym come from?

Mark had asked a question about music and why I like soundtracks. I said songs are my colours because as I said in the Audio and Video post I see things in movies, hear the soundtracks and "see" the scenes.

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