Saturday, October 31, 2009


Over the years I have been a number of things for Halloween, some of them I remember. I was a Vampire, the Devil, a killer clown, Frankenstein and a Blue’s Brother. I wanted to be Jason one year but was talked out of it because I don’t do masks, for obvious reasons. Apparently, they weren’t obvious to me at the time. I went to a few Halloween Parties but I think the only one I dressed for was when I was a Blue’s Brother. Trick or treating wasn’t so much fun but I can’t remember it. However, I do like chocolate.

Watching pumpkins being carved was interesting but for some strange reason they wouldn’t let me help. I can’t really see Halloween decorations from the car and along those lines, walkthrough haunted houses aren’t much fun either. I can’t really see where I’m going and my cane isn’t much help because I’m liable to destroy decorations with it. Haunted hayrides are likewise not a real winner. The only thing I remember from a haunted hayride is a nosebleed.
November calls, have a safe Halloween evevyone.


  1. I broke my glasses on a hayride once. :-P

  2. I like the costume you chose this year, Joe. Scariest one ever. :-)