Friday, October 30, 2009

Disney IV

After lunch Mark went back to City Hall and was able to get the DAS(descriptive audio system). It worked pretty well on The Haunted Mansion and Snow White’s Scary Adventure but it was downhill from there. The issue was that it had a microphone that had to be pointed in the right direction; I spent more time playing with the microphone than paying attention to the ride. I continued to try it but after the initial rides it would fade in and out. Eventually, I just stopped using it and went to plan B, for Plan Brother. Disney had clearly not worked all the bugs out of it. Maybe some bugs escaped from the Tree of Life and got into it. Who knows, Disney probably has it working properly by now or will when next I go; too looong whenever it comes.

Next in Fantasyland we went on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The ride vehicles are hunny pots and they take you on a trip through the hundred-acre wood. You proceed along a track and the scenery is to either side; therefore, I can see quite a lot. At one point, the scenery is pages from the Winnie the Pooh books and I can actually read a few of the words. Next is Mickey’s PhilharMagic and this attraction is awesome; you do have to wear 3D glasses but even over my glasses the view is just fine. This attraction features scenes from Disney movies in 3D and other special effects, especially water. There is no best seat in the house, all seats are good but I still like to sit up front. My personal favorite is the giant posts, at least that’s what they look like to me, I think they are brooms though, from Fantasia. You can hear them coming and they get water on you. It’s a Small World is a very nice, sedate attraction. It has a neat d├ęcor and singing dolls for a lot of countries; I’m not sure if all of them are represented. It is a pleasant boat ride through the countries. I also like Walt Disney World because of the ceilings for some of the ride areas. I know I’m in a building, yet when they want to, the sky can look as authentic as any I’ve seen. My mother, who’s sighted, says they look fake to her but it looks real to me.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure came next and it was one of the few attractions that the DAS worked on. It told me where to look for scenes and figures that were coming up and I found it very helpful; it was just like Plan B. The ride itself wasn’t as well lit so it was a little more difficult to see things but it was still very enjoyable.

As you can see folks, brevity, is not my strongest suit. Disney will continue in November and have a happy and safe Halloween.

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