Thursday, October 22, 2009

Disney II

We stayed at Pop Century, one of Walt Disney World’s value resorts, on Disney property. It was the first time we stayed there; we usually stay at Wilderness Lodge, which is a deluxe resort. With the savings and the package that we went with; we were able to stay in two rooms. They were nothing fancy but then it’s Disney, so the rest of the hotel was disneyified. The hotel was divided into several decades from the 50s’ to the 90s’, with a number of buildings in each. Two of the things I like about Disney are that they have music everywhere and everything is just a bit bigger than normal, sometimes, a lot bigger. Usually this means that even I can see it.

In front of our building was a statue of Lady the dog, I believe. My brother thought it was Tramp, so, it was one or the other. Our decade was symbolized by some bowling pins. The decades’ symbols, all of them, were hollow skeletons of the various objects. I believe the other decades were, in no particular order: a rubrics cube, Mark, my brother, liked that one, cell phones, a laptop and a walkman. Since it was around 9am when we got there, it was light enough that I really couldn’t see them very well. I don’t need any special accommodations as far as the rooms were concerned.

The side of the main building with the entrance that we went through had Pop Century written across it in Very Large letters. The stems of the two P’s formed a kind of entry way. The PoP always looked more like a W to me, especially since the o was superscript.

We checked in at the main building, which housed the food court, which was pretty large, and the gift shop. Actually, my parents checked in, I just stood around and looked pretty. I don’t think our bags had arrived by then, so we put our carry-ons in the cage; The Undertaker was the attendant. Then, we headed for the bus. For those who stay on Disney property there are monorails, buses, or ferries that take you from your resort to various locations; the theme parks, waterparks and other areas. Back in Scranton, it was decided that we would go to the Magic Kingdom on our first day and unlike previous trips it was around opening so we were able to have a relatively full first day, Yahoohoohewy.

I decided to post another disney entry to bring it up to The Magic Kingdom. The next entry will be on Saturday on another topic. Thanks for reading.

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