Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Gangsters

On the 24th of December, my brother and I went to see the Hobbit in IMAX 3-D at our local Regal Cinema; and I found the movie to be disappointing. The choreography and music were excellent, but the script left something to be desired. I understand why some parts are added, but others were disruptive. In my opinion they added too many action sequences, and it disrupted the flow of the story. I liked the I-Max part, since the screen was plenty big enough for even me to see. I didn't get the 3-D aspect, but Mark said the whole environment was 3-D, as opposed to eye-popping 3-D.

For Christmas Eve dinner we had our customary lobster tail, baked potato, and shrimp cocktail. For Christmas I got a Grumpy the Dwarf fleece and Under Armour pants, Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows, an AMEX gift card, a Regal Cinema gift card, two iTunes gift cards, and a Hobbit calendar. Some of the iTunes gift card I already used to get the Hobbit soundtrack.

For dinner we had ravioli and antipasto, but unfortunately, (not), Mark doesn't like ravioli. He had gnocchi, which means more ravioli for me. Thankfully, I got rid of Mark the next day as he had to go back to DC.

On New Year's Day, I think, my mother and I went to see Jack Reacher at the Regal Cinema, formerly Great Escape, and I liked it a lot. A military sniper is framed for shooting five random people for no apparent reason, and he wants Jack Reacher to help. Only one problem, Reacher doesn't want to be found. Eventually he does find his way to the defense attorney, but investigates in his own way. Cue the mayhem.

Yesterday, January 5, we went to see Hyde Park on the Hudson, and it was pretty good. It focuses on the King of England's trip to Hyde Park in the 1938 most likely, and also tells the story of one of FDR’s many girlfriends. Bill Murray plays FDR, and I couldn't get Ghostbusters out of my head. I kept expecting the staypuff marshmallow man to come rumbling down Fifth Avenue.

On Saturday, January 19, we went to see Gangster Squad, which is about the struggle to see who gets to control Los Angeles, the police or the crooks. The scenario the movie depicts is highly illegal, but it worked. I guess the im-moral of the movie is, if you're going to do something illegal, at least do it effectively.

It has snowed a lot more this year than last year, so I haven't been able to go to the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania as much. I like the fact that just about every street corner has a curb cut out, since the little ramp goes right to street level. However, when it snows a lot the ramp is just as useless as not having one because the path from the bottom of the ramp to the street is snow-covered. I have my cane, but I still have to walk across the snow to cross the street or wherever I'm going.

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