Saturday, February 4, 2012


On January 27 my mother and I went to see Red Tails, about the Tuskegee airmen. The Tuskegee airmen were a group of African-American pilots who flew during World War II. The movie was well done, and showed everything they went through on American bases to fight and die for their country.

I recently got a Logitech wireless mouse and a Samsung portable DVD drive; both were very easy to set up. The wireless mouse has an indicator light to let you know when the battery is running low, needless to say I can't see it. An on/off switch and a battery cover release which are also on the bottom. I only turn the mouse off at night when I won't be using it for a prolonged period, otherwise I let it use the sleep function that activates when I'm not touching it. Once I put the battery in, I unplugged my other mouse, and away I went. The wireless receiver is very small, basically a USB plug, so it needs to be carefully handled to avoid getting lost. I'm thinking of getting a wireless headset for Dragon, so I'll need to label the two receivers. I'm doing research now to see which one will work best, if you my readers want, you can send recommendations to my Facebook page. Search for my name Joe Taticchi.

I also had no problem setting up the external DVD drive because I only had to plug in two USB cables. It seems to function the same as the computer’s internal DVD drive, but it opens in a slightly different manner. Instead of pushing a button, you slide your finger gently over the middle front. It ejects the tray a few inches, and then you carefully pull the rest out. Then you snap the CD on the tray, and push it in. Although I had no earth shattering need for a second CD drive, I like to have two of them, and the reviews and the price of the Samsung model were positive.

I looked to see what other wireless devices are out there, and they seem to have only printers, mice, keyboards, speakers, and hard drives. I thankfully have a USB printer, instead of one of those other ones with the aggravating plugs, right now that will hopefully die of old age like my previous printer. My portable hard drive Alexandria, the portable CD drive, wireless mouse, and keyboard are all USB devices, thus very convenient for someone with limited vision to install.

The headphones for music and Dragon, network plug, monitor and power plugs are different, but of those, only the monitor is very hard to plug in. I've looked and no wireless monitors or USB ones seem to exist. I am always successful in the end plugging the monitor in obviously, but it takes a long time. Mostly I'm concerned with bending the tiny tines in the plug. Luckily I don't have the misfortune to do it often, but when I do it's a challenge.

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