Monday, March 7, 2011


On Thursday, March 3, I went for my first career based work assessment (CBWA), and I found it to be an interesting experience. Courtney from AHEDD picked me up at around 8 AM, and she drove to the Hazelton center for independent living (ARCIL).

When we got there, we met with the director who explained in general the services that ARCIL offers. Her name is Denise, and I would like to express my thanks to her.

Then we met with Susan who is in charge of the services side of ARCIL. Peer mentoring, which in my case would be a blind person mentoring a blind person, but more generally it would be a person with a disability mentoring others with that same disability. Peer mentoring sounds like something I might be interested in because I want to pass on to others what I had to learn the hard way. If I could pass on what I've learned through experience, then that would be an opportunity I would jump at. We also discussed information and referral which helps direct callers to the resources that may get their questions answered. Susan also talked about advocacy which I think is self-explanatory.

On our way to and from Hazelton I talked about what I was writing and Courtney asked me about what I was going to do about publishing it. I replied that I was concentrating on writing the story first, and she said she'd put me into contact with one of her friends that writes children's books. I of course said thank you very much because I don't really know the first clue about publishing. With Dragon though, everything becomes much more manageable because I can dictate my story now not just proceed at typing speed. I have plenty of ideas for stories, so no worries there.

On a different subject, my mother and I recently saw the film Unknown, and it was pretty good. Despite it being a good movie, it's pretty much a rehash of the Bourne movies. There was nothing wrong with any of the acting, but it wasn't terribly original.

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