Saturday, February 5, 2011


I thought of telling you about books I like one or two at a time at the end of each post, but as consistently demonstrated, brevity isn’t one of my strengths. A list of favorite books is in my facebook profile, but you can only put the books there. I will summarize them as best I can, and I’ll use as many entries as I have too.

I like all the books by Brandon Sanderson: The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker, the Alcatraz series and Way of Kings. Mistborn(The Final Empire, Well of Ascension, Hero of Ages) is basically a good vs. evil story, but with a lot of twists. Mistborn also has a very unique magic system.

Elantris is about a magic city that’s fallen into ruin, and its inhabitants have to fix it. Warbreaker is a fun story to read, and that really is the best I can do. It’s really difficult to describe, but it does have a unique magic system. I haven’t listened to Way of Kings yet, but I expect it to be as good as the others. Way of Kings is part one of a 10-part series called the Stormlight Archive. The Alcatraz series(Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians, Alcatraz Versus The Scrivener’s Bones, Alcatraz Versus The Knights of Crystallia, Alcatraz Versus The Shattered Lens) is for Young Adults. The onIy one out on audio is the evil librarians, so I’ve only listened to it. The book was hilarious; it’s about a boy whose talent is breaking things. As long as I’m doing a plug, Mr. Sanderson’s website is

The Wheel of Time is on Book 13 of 14, so it’s almost finished. Unlike Mistborn and Alcatraz, I won’t list the titles in the series because that would be a paragraph in itself. It’s my favorite book series of all time, and it almost didn’t get finished. After Robert Jordan, the original author, was diagnosed with a rare disease, he didn’t want anyone to finish the series if he passed away. Luckily for the majority of fans, he changed his mind, and after he passed on, Brandon Sanderson was selected to finish the series. The Eye of the World is the first in the series, and Towers of Midnight the latest.

There are 5 science fiction books by Peter F. Hamilton that I really like. Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained are the first two, and they’re a duology. Essentially they’re about an interstellar war, but it’s far more complex than that. Politics, espionage, hedonism, and much more all have a part.

Dreaming Void, Temporal Void, and Evolutionary Void comprise the Void Trilogy which is about saving the galaxy from humans that want to travel into it. This trilogy has a series of new characters, but several reappear from Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained. Again, politics, war, espionage and more are all involved.

I highly recommend any or all of these books, but parents might want to glance through them before letting children read them.

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