Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sight Unseen

These are a few more examples of what it actually means that I am legally-blind. I know everyone knows that I can’t see but what does that precisely mean?

I can’t see what feet shoes go on just by looking, I have to feel for the raised area inside the sneaker to determine which foot the shoe goes on. To further complicate matters, sometimes, there are two raised areas in the sneaker or Boot that makes it harder to tell. The black sneakers that I have, have white. I think, rubber soles and the way the sneaker is made, the rubber rises beyond the black part. For these, at least, I can tell without feel, at least, most of the time. Socks are also difficult, at least the ones without identifying marks are. Unless the heel is a different color than white, I can’t tell where the heel is. Fortunately, enough socks are made with colored heels to make them much less of an issue.

Plugs are another difficulty; the two-pronged kind, not the three-pronged ones. I usually use the trial and error method; after all, there are only two ways to try. My mother recently said that one prong of the plug is slighter larger than the other one and on which side that prong goes; so far, I have plugged them in correctly.

Running children in restaurants are Extremely annoying but since some of my readers may be law students I will refrain from insulting lawyers. These days little children always seem to be running in restaurants. This is annoying for me in any setting since I can’t see and the children don’t know any better because they aren’t controlled by their parents. This issue is particularly irritating in buffet-style restaurants. I already have enough trouble with carrying plates and keeping them level because of a combination of my sight and balance issues; I really don’t Need little children running around, whose way I have to get out of. I haven’t dumped anything on anyone’s head yet and I never plan to; yet, with an increasing number of children running in restaurants, there seems a greater and greater likelihood that I will. When I go up to a buffet-line, I don’t have my cane with me because I need two hands but, even still, children should not be running in restaurants.

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