Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disney VIII

There are some rides, test track being one of them, where the track is lower than the waiting area. Mark goes before me to help me into the ride vehicle. Usually, this requires one to step from the line to the seat, then from the seat to the floor and finally sit down and strap in. My cane sometimes helps here but usually not because I usually folded it up; on the slower rides I wait because there’s no real rush. Anyway, as much as I rib Mark, he wouldn’t let me fall. Wait, I gave him a compliment, now I have to go lie down; I think I have a fever.

You board Test Track, two riders in front, two in back; the ride vehicle looks like a regular car. You’re through the doors and into the “testing area. “ There are voices that sound like they’re coming from ceiling speakers. There are two voices and they say, should we do this test or let’s do this. As you go through tests, from braking to off-road, the scenery looks just like a proving ground. There are yellow signs, orange cones, those red and white striped poles with flashing lights on them and most of all, lots of empty space. You feel heat in the heating test, you see and feel the steam for the corrosion test and you pass through a room where there are lots of machines moving and flashing lights. Finally, you’re ready to test the acceleration. You car comes to the exit of the building and you’re off to the wild blue yonder. I can’t see the visible landmarks when outside because the ride is going to fast. You accelerate at 10 mph intervals until you hit 60; then, you go on straight-aways and turns. Finally, you slow down and your picture is taken as you’re slowing down and my family always says the pictures look interesting. Next is the Imagination Pavilion.

The Imagination Ride with Figment is up first and believe me, I have a very good imagination. The ride vehicles are on moving walkways but no worries. You board the vehicles and are taken through the doors to the Imagination Labs, where the “scientists” are trying to get to the bottom of what is Imagination. There are all sorts of machinery and other things, all of which are really cool. There’s an especially cool scene of a hot air balloon, you can see the sky in the background and feel the weather effects.

Eventually, one of the experiments leads to the creation of something, a purple dragon called Figment, but I can’t tell. I can see something, it appears to be flying but I can’t tell much more. Anyway, Figment comes and starts wreaking all kinds of cool and visually appealing havoc in the labs. He bounces all over the place and shows you stuff you’re “not supposed to see”. The ride exits in the Imageworks area which is an interactive area where you can play imagination-related games.

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